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The Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 is an entry level keyboard and mouse set.

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mouse is full sized and feels comfortable to work with

1 agrees

fast response from both keyboard and mouse, no noticeable lag

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solid construction all around, no inappropriate flex anywhere

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has a solid feel as you type, don't feel like you have to press hard to make sure it registered your keystroke

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completely plug-and-play with Windows 7, no real setup

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has a comfortable quiet feedback that's great for long typing sessions

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mouse and keyboard combination at a great price, excellent value

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The Microsoft wireless desktop 2000 is an entry level keyboard and mouse set. This iteration brings a rare feature to desktop keyboards, with most keyboards the content that a user types is set directly from the keyboard to the computer leaving the information vulnerable to data thefts. Microsoft is looking to change that by adding 128-bit AES encryption which will encrypt all data between the keyboard and the computer. Whether that is a true necessity or a gimmick is up to you to decide. The set includes an ambidextrous Microsoft mouse with BlueTrack technology which is advertised to be effective on many different surfaces. They keyboard itself has a built-in palm rest with a pillow-like texture. The Wireless Desktop 2000 is compatible with both the PC and Mac platforms; it should be noted that drivers are necessary for the encryption features.

Features / Specifications
  • Keyboard with media keys
  • Pillow texture palm rest
  • Windows Start button
  • Ambidextrous mouse with BlueTrack technology
  • Side to side scrolling
  • Side grips
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • PC & Mac compatible (from Win 7 and up) 
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