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The Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is Microsoft's redesign of their natural keyboard.

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Comfortable pad for your wrists

11 agree

Not too expensive

9 agree

Prevents/hinders carpal tunnel

8 agree

Quiet keys

8 agree

Ergonomic, natural keyboard layout

8 agree

Looks great

6 agree

A lot of special keys, media buttons, and zoom slider

5 agree

Durable, last a very long time without problems

3 agree

Very comfortable, feels great. natural, effortless typing. Excellent tactile feel. Highly recommend.

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The zoom slider would make more sense as a scroll wheel

4 agree

Hard to type

3 agree

Space bar quite stiff, requires some force to press

3 agree

Special keys require the bloated Intellitype software to configure

3 agree

Difficult to use if you have not been formerly taught to touch type

3 agree

Software setup requires you to also set up the Microsoft mouse, whether you want it or not

1 agrees

Should be much easier to disable unwanted keys

1 agrees

Labels wipe out with extended use.

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The Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is Microsoft's redesign of their natural keyboard. This keyboard is designed for ergonomics and features a split keyboard to create a more natural positioning of the hands when typing. It also sports a removable front-tilt plate so that the keyboard rests at -7 degree angle relative to your desktop.
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Christian Michael Southgate
11/16/2009 03:07

It is possible to change the behaviour of the zoom control so that it scrolls instead. There's a good article on how to do it here:

07/10/2009 01:57

I tried to get used to this keyboard for about a month, but couldn't do it. The problem is that I have not been formally taught to touch type, so I don't always use the right finger for the right keys. For example, I sometimes hit T with my right hand's finger, and due to it being out of reach on the 4000 I end up typing Y instead.

If I were to make the effort to learn how to type properly, using the correct fingers for each key, it would probably be brilliant. It's certainly comfortable enough. I just couldn't break the habits of a lifetime, using whatever finger seems best placed at the time to hit each key.

04/04/2007 10:43

I have this, and coupled with a better mouse, I swear it reversed the onset of Carpal Tunnel for me. I LOOOOVE this keyboard, and I'm pretty picky. The split might take a bit of getting used, to, but it didn't for me. After 5 minutes, I never wanted to go back to a traditional keyboard.

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