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Microsoft's first foray into the portable media world and take on the iPod head on.

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Large 3" screen; good for video (4:3)

10 agree

Integrated wireless for sharing songs (with some limitations) and photos

9 agree

Solid core competency of playing audio, video, photos

8 agree

Can be found for $99 if you shop around.

8 agree

A lot of accessories available

7 agree

Intuitive and colorful interface

7 agree

Nicely integrated with Zune Marketplace

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Cannot be used as a hard drive

7 agree

WiFi can't be used to stream, sync, or download content

7 agree

Proprietary USB connector

7 agree

Not backwards compatible with WMA-DRM9 audio

7 agree

Small max capacity (30GB compared to 80GB iPod)

5 agree

Poor video support. Cannot play protected content

3 agree

Poor format support

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Screen Resolution only 320x240.

2 agree

Only 64k color (16bit compared to Creative Zen X-fi)

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Only compatible with MS Windows

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Requires Windows Media Player to use

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Not compatible with iTunes

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Microsoft's first foray into the portable media world and take on the iPod head on.  The Zune is set to release in holiday 2006, and will come in a variety of colours.  Wireless connectivity is the standout feature for the Zune as the integrated wireless adapter allows Zune players to communicate with one another and share music.  Microsoft has also created a Zune specific music store called Zune Marketplace, where people can purchase music to play on their Zune or Media Center computer. Gamers with an Xbox 360 can connect the Zune to share media, and even use their Microsoft Points to purchase music from the Zune marketplace. In November 2007 Microsoft launched their second generation Zunes with improved WiFi sharing, and a better Zune Marketplace. Instead of abandoning this first generation product, all the software features of the new Zune are incorporated in this first model through a firmware update.

  • 3 inch screen with 320x240 resolution
  • 30GB hard drive
  • WiFi capabilities for sharing music and photos with other zunes
  • WiFi syncing with host computer
  • Integrates with Zune marketplace
  • FM Radio with RDS support
  • Image formats: JPEG
  • Audio formats: unprotected AAC, MP3, WMA
  • Video formats: h.264, MPEG4, WMV
Post Review
02/18/2008 10:34

got one for my birthday love it, way better than the ipod hands down

11/22/2007 01:48

I so wish WOOT shipped to Canada. I had to look on with envy as you guys got that incredible deal. A $90 Zune is a friggen steal!

11/22/2007 01:31

You can find the brown ones for about $89.00 to $99.00. Great deal if you don't really care about the color.

The new firmware and Zune PC software is a great improvement. It adds wireless sync and podcast which I like a lot. I was lucky and got the black one for $99.00 at Woot.

10/07/2007 01:11

I got my white Zune thru the $ 129 Woot deal and another black refurbished one at $ 99. I'll give one to my wife and keep the other in my laptop bag. xCan't wait for the firmware update.

09/07/2007 11:02

Nice try, M$. Too little, too late.

07/25/2007 12:02

The zune is pretty cool, but the copyright protection really sucks

03/21/2007 03:42

You can get some good hacks to make it worthwhile. They are all on in the How 2.0 section

10/06/2006 04:20

I agree with Erik and come on y are they trying to make so many things just to put ipods out of business they beat microsoft in music, big deal microsoft has them beat hands down in everything else.Overall if i had to give it a 1 out of 10 score i would give it a 5.

10/05/2006 10:32

You really think so? It's bulkier and the battery life isn't as good as the new iPods. I guess it really depends on the software that MS supplies. I'm not too fond of iTunes, so if Microsoft upgrades Windows Media Player appropriately that could make this thing pretty cool. I actually haven't upgraded to WMP11 yet, maybe I should.

10/05/2006 06:01

I want this for Christmas! (lol) It looks a lot better than the ipod.

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