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The Zune 16 is a continuation of Microsoft's attempt to challenge Apple's market dominance.

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wireless sharing and syncing saves hassle with wires

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syncs files from other sources at full size, keeps audio quality high

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touch pad is responsive and precise

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software is simple and easy to work with

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glass LCD is durable and sharp, nice quality

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built-in FM tuner gets fairly good reception, nice extra feature that most MP3 players don't have

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easy to hold and use with your thumb, comfortable design

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need to go online and download software before you can get the Zune to do anything

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Released alongside a 120GB model in Fall 2008, the Zune 16 is a continuation of Microsoft's attempt to challenge Apple's market dominance. The third-generation model matches its direct competitor, the 16GB iPod Nano, in price point and in most features, playing videos and photos as well as music. Its screen is slightly smaller at 1.8", but it includes an FM tuner and the ability to buy songs heard on the radio once the device syncs with a PC. Another unique feature of the Zune is its Wi-Fi capability, as it can remotely sync with a PC, and participate in wireless sharing of music with other Zunes. On the Zune Marketplace, users can buy music, as well as episodes of select TV shows, and download free podcasts, as with the iTunes Store. Although the iPod's market share may be insurmountably high, the Zune's social features and wireless capabilities give it a unique edge.

  • 16GB flash storage: Holds up to 4000 songs or 50 hours of video
  • 1.8" screen with 320 x 240 resolution
  • FM tuner with buy-from-FM capability
  • Wireless sync
  • Wireless sharing
  • Zune Marketplace
  • Supports games, audiobooks, podcasts
  • Compatible with Xbox 360
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