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Set in the Halo Universe, Halo Wars is a Xbox 360 game that follows up on the sucessful Halo series of games.

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Great cinematics

7 agree

Leader abilities allow for people to excel if they want to micromanage

4 agree

Jacking vehicles with Spartans is great

4 agree

Easy to understand upgrade paths

4 agree

Online co-op through the entire campaign

4 agree

Gets the Halo feel down perfect (menus, sound, etc)

4 agree

you can fight as the covenant

3 agree

Streamlined resource management works better on the 360

3 agree

Incredible online capabilities (3 Vs 3)

3 agree

Good introduction to RTS games for FPS fans.

2 agree

Good clean graphics

2 agree

It be bangin'

1 agrees

long levels

1 agrees
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No Covenant campaign

6 agree

Camera doesn't go back far enough

6 agree

Not developed by bungie

4 agree

not enough upgradeable stuff

3 agree

gets boring fast

2 agree
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 Set in the Halo Universe, Halo Wars is a Xbox 360 game that follows up on the sucessful Halo series of games. Developed as a real-time strategy game instead of the normal shooter game, Halo wars lets the players build armies and bases, harvest resources and defend themselves. With single-player, multiplayer, co-op and Xbox live play options, Halo Wars is a good option for a social game, and in some sorts is a glorified game of rock-paper-scissors. Ground vehicles beat infantry, infantry beat aircraft, and aircraft beat ground vehicles. Throw in special abilities, and customizable hero units and the game is complete. Since it was specially designed from the ground up for the Xbox 360 console, the game takes full advantage of the controller setup and delivers a game that syncs well with the player.

  • Real-Time Strategy
  • Single-player
  • Multiplayer
  • Co-op
  • Xbox Live
  • Base building and resource harvesting
  • Designed with Xbox 360 controls in mind
  • Set in the Halo Universe
Post Review
03/02/2009 11:52

Don't spend your money on it

02/27/2009 12:23

the game will be worth the full price and no you should not get the mythic map pack wait to get that later get a feel for the game then get it later it will be at a lower price than origonaly

02/19/2009 09:57

New question: Is it worth full price? And should I get the limited edition so I can have the mythic map pack? Does anyone know the price of the limited edition?

02/17/2009 06:59

I think if you get into the multiplayer AND the multi is well balanced then the game will have longevity. However, if you're just in it for the single player campaign/story then I think it's a rental, or a bargain-bin style game.

Personally, I've already played the demo about 8 times so I don't think I'll be getting bored with things in the near future. What's sweet is that even the single-player maps are built for replayability by using the similar SKULL system as Halo 3, and tracking points.

02/17/2009 06:24

The question: how soon will I get bored with this? I'm not a major RST player, but I do like Starcraft, but usually RSTs bore the crap out of me and I end up putting in resource and time cheats. But this looks promising.

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