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Michelin X-Ice Xi2 is a winter tire for standard sized coupes and sedans.

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Unparalleled winter traction

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Excellent prices

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Sipes cut into the tread create excellent traction on ice

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Very soft and sticky

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If used above 10 degrees Celsius, they will wear prematurely

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Overkill if you don't drive in heavy snow or on ice regularly.

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Michelin X-Ice Xi2 is a winter tire for standard sized coupes and sedans. The tread block technology uses a combination of multiple sipes and micro-pumps to cut through snow and gain traction, and FleX-Ice compound used in the composition of the tires allow for increased grip on ice. Cross Z Sipes II and a Step Groove design create full-depth sipes, which improve handling in deep snow and allow the tires to function well even after years of wear. The design incorporates a large contact patch, allowing more of the tread to work when accelerating, braking and cornering. Supporting knobs along the edges of the tires improve stability on wet and dry roads.

  • Winter driving
  • FleX-Ice compound
  • Cross Z Sipes II
  • Step Groove design
  • Supporting knobs
  • Green X
  • Tread Depth: 10.5/32 in
  • Speed Rating: T
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08/13/2010 01:06

I've had these tires on 3 different vehicles now. 1) a supercharged RWD convertible, 2) a V8 RWD sedan, 3) a FWD wagon.

In all 3 situations, this tire has performed FLAWLESSLY.

Most notably is on the convertible. Most people don't drive their sports cars in the winter, but the X-ice's narrow design and deep grooves allowed it to cut right through the snow and the sipes kept it firmly planted on icy hills and roads in my rarely-plowed neighborhood. I found my little convertible smoothly gliding past big 4x4s and AWD SUV's who were stuck in a ditch or snowbank.

The right tires in extreme winter conditions are everything- and these are the right tires.

However, if you drive on salted/regularly plowed/de-iced roads, you may not need something quite this good.

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