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Michelin X-Ice are winter tires built with PAX runflat technology.

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great traction on dry pavement, braking and acceleration distances are very short

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stable on wet pavement, offers a reasonable amount of control

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treadwear is slightly above average, lasts a reasonable amount of time

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very smooth ride overall, don't notice many vibrations and it glides over bumps in the road

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nice handling in general, responsive to your movements, nice on the highway

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minimal road noise even when at speed

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performance on snow is only average, doesn't offer an extremely good grip as seen in some other winter tires

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Michelin X-Ice are winter tires built with PAX runflat technology. This allows driving even at zero tire pressure at speeds of up to 55 mph for 125 miles. PAX technology also creates a shorter sidewall, allowing less tire roll, a better road grip and more responsive performance. Winter Flex Compound is used in the composition of the tire to maintain grip under extreme cold-weather conditions, including snow and ice. This improves starting grip and shortens stopping distances. The tread is designed with Cross Z-Sipes Technology, using a curve that locks the sipes in place for an improved grip. This design uses full-depth sipes, ensuring longer usefulness of the tires. Comfort Control Technology is used throughout the design of the tires to help improve comfort by reducing vibrations and road noise.

  • Winter driving
  • Winter Flex compound
  • Cross Z-Sipes technology
  • Comfort Control technology
  • Michelin PAX
  • Tread Depth: 11.5/32 in, 10/32 in
  • Speed Rating: T, H
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