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Michelin's Symmetry tires are a mid-range model for use with passenger cars and minivans.

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Performance is fairly quiet - initial break-in and extended use periods are less noisy than those of competitors from Firestone and Goodyear

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Handles well throughout rough, uneven terrain - bumps and potholes are well-absorbed via Compliance Cushion component

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Traction and handling are excellent - tires ride smooth and straightforward with good response on corners and hills

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Good overall performance at the price point - on par with competitors at the sub-$200 price range

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Handles well in wet, slushy environments - lateral groove design effectively channels excess dirt and debris

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Advertised 65,000-mile tread life is seemingly overstated - many users report worn out tires after less than 50,000 miles

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Sidewall areas are particularly weak - these components are not under warranty and can significantly reduce unit longevity

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Michelin's Symmetry tires are a mid-range model for use with passenger cars and minivans. As their name suggests, the tread pattern is symmetrical and wears evenly, and the tread is also designed to roll easily, requiring the engine to use less energy to get the wheels rolling. This can improve fuel economy. There are four deep circumferential grooves that help redirect water and snow, and varied-width side grooves perform the same function. This tire is optimized to reduce vibrations and road noise, giving it a quiet and comfortable ride. It is appropriate for all seasons.

  • All-season radial
  • For passenger cars/minivans
  • Symmetrical tread pattern
  • Deep grooves evacuate water
  • Variable-width side grooves evacuate water
  • Energy efficient tread design
  • Decent traction in wet, dry and snowy conditions
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