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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 are winter tires designed for sports cars and luxury vehicles.

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handles well around corners keeping you in control

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acceleration is nice and sharp, won't spin out

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make almost no noise on the road at any speed

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braking distances are fairly good, always operate as you'd expect

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the ride is smooth and comfortable, glides over smaller bumps without any vibration

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loses quite a bit of traction in the snow, although it isn't terribly dangerous

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wears out much faster than the average tire

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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 are winter tires designed for sports cars and luxury vehicles. Traction is achieved using bi-directional and variable-thickness sipes, the combination of which are able to get better road hold in even in subzero temperatures. The amount of rubber in contact with the road is maximized through a larger contact patch. This means more of the tread is working to gain traction, helping with cold-weather hazards including black ice. All of the tread design and contact patch technology has been maximized through Comfort Control Technology, which computer-optimizes the design to greatly reduce vibrations and road noise.

Model Variations

Two speed ratings are available: H and V. In the H speed rated models, a Zero Pressure system is active that will keep the tire rigid in case of a puncture. This enables the driver to go 50 miles at 55 mph with no air pressure in the tire at all.

  • Winter driving
  • Designed for sports cars, luxury cars
  • Bi-directional, variable-thickness sipes
  • Larger contact patch
  • Comfort Control Technology
  • Tread depth: 11/32 inches
  • Speed rating: H or V
  • Runflat Tech: ZP (H speed rating only)
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