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Michelin's Destiny tire is an all-season model for use with passenger cars or minivans.

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ride is very smooth, not overly bumpy

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run quietly, even at highway speeds

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maintains strong grip in rainy weather

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stays pliable in the cold, molds itself to the road's surface

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offers strong support when cornering, feels secure

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feels like it sticks to the road, no slipping

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not quite as strong performance in wet conditions as the Michelin TripleTreds

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 Michelin's Destiny tire is an all-season model for use with passenger cars or minivans. It is designed to last for a long time and is backed by an 80, 000 mile manufacturer warranty. It provides a comfortable and quiet ride and is intended to reduce vibrations and road noise. Its tread pattern features deep grooves and sipes that enhance traction in snowy or rainy conditions, and the treads wear evenly to provide this traction throughout the life of the tire. This tire was exclusively available at Canadian Tire and is now discontinued.

  • 80k mile manufacturer warranty
  • Durable
  • Treads wear evenly
  • Deep grooves for improved wet and snowy traction
  • For passenger cars and minivans
Post Review
01/22/2012 05:15

CT listing mentions the winter compound. says "The Destiny, Harmony, X Radial, and WeatherWise II are all the same tire. The differences are in the tread pattern. Interestingly, the Destiny and Harmony appear to come with 11/32" of tread new, while the X Radial (Sam's Club) and WeatherWise II (Sears) come with 10/32" of tread. I've run both the WeatherWise II and X Radial and was completely satisfied with both. They're the best set of all season tires I've ever run. I've got the X Radials on the minivan right now, and will have them on the Corolla the next time it needs tires."

01/22/2012 05:08

Canadian Tire advertises these as having "advanced rubber compound [that] remains pliable in all temperatures to provide excellent wet and snow grip. Full-depth tread grooves and sipes deliver superb wet grip for the life of the tire."

The "competitors" ProductWiki lists do not seem to claim an all-temperature rubber compound (as a snow tire has).

What other tires have an all-season tread design but the rubber compound of a snow tire? This is what you seem to need if you control when you go out, i.e. aren't commuting or otherwise forced to go out in all conditions. If you can put off trips until conditions are warmer (i.e. wet) or sunny and dry (but still cold), then it seems to me that this is exactly the tire needed.

The Firestone and Dunlop competitors don't make the claim to be winter-temperature pliable.

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