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Designed to kill and prevent fleas and ticks on a dog. It provides ongoing protection for 30 days.

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It works well to kill and prevent fleas and ticks

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It seems to work better against fleas and ticks than other brands

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I have a chow mix and this product works great.

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No skin irritation

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It can take a few months before it works at its most effective level

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Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies was designed to kill and prevent fleas and ticks on a dog. It  provides ongoing protection for 30 days. This waterproof formula kills four major types of ticks in all of their stages of life. There are different varieties for dogs of various weights. 

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  • For 22 to 133 pound dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Kills 4 tick species in all life stages
  • Continuous 30-day protection 
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Fipronil (9.8%)|(S)-Methoprene (8.8%)

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This product can kill fleas, deer ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks and lone star ticks.

You can give it to puppies and dogs of 8 weeks or older. To apply it: 

  • Take one applicator and hold it upright as you break the tip 
  • Squeeze the applicator to apply the medicine between the dog's shoulder blades under the fur
  • Apply all of the contents in the applicator
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Frequency of Application

This product should be used every month. When used properly, it can keep tick problems under control and end the life cycle of fleas by killing flea eggs, larvae and adults.

It should be applied every month to control ticks. It can kill fleas for up to three months, but should be used monthly for this purpose if the pet experiences flea allergy dermatitis or if you experience reinfestation in your area. It should not be reapplied for 30 days. 

This product continues to work even if the dog goes in water or sunlight. However, it should be allowed to dry thoroughly before any contact with the area. 

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Safety Warning

This product is meant for use only with dogs. It should not be used on any other type of animal. 

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