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It is a pirate ship playset designed for more mature children interested in creepy pirate fun.

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entire ship snaps together in under an hour

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figurines have lots of detail, easy to pose, makes them fun to play with

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parts are strong, durable enough to handle regular play

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plenty of detail in the molding and paint work

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easiest to construct of the Mega Bloks Pyrates series, perfect for kids

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once assembled, even younger kids as early as 4 years old can enjoy it (as long as they can be trusted not to swallow the cannon balls)

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not much of a challenge to build compared to the Mega Bloks Pyrates Man-o-War or anything from the Dragons line - a bit overly simplified

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The Mega Bloks Pyrates Skull Captain Cutlass' Stormstalker is a pirate ship playset designed for more mature children interested in creepy pirate fun. The ship features a pivoting crane that can be used to capture victims, and a pair of capture cages are included sized to work with the included figures. A transformation cage spins at the press of a button, seemingly changing skeleton figures into humans and then back again. The pair of cannons built into the ship are able to launch small cannon balls with a spring-loaded action, and the entire ship rolls on wheels. The sails are made of cloth, and can be adjusted to simulate wind coming from different directions. A total of 4 crew figures are included, and have poseable arms for them to hold up a sword or musket. While a large number of pieces come with this set, assembly is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes.

  • Two capture cages
  • Transformation cage changes skeleton figures into humans, then back again
  • 4 crew figures with enhanced articulation
  • 2 launching cannons
  • Adjustable real cloth sails
  • Pivoting capture crane
  • Also includes a plank, removable anchor, 2 secret treasure storage areas, rolling wheels for "Ocean Motion" maneuverability and other accessories
  • Dimensions (approximate): 30.75 x 10.25 x 22.75 in
  • Contains 111 pieces in total
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