The Maytag MER6875BA is a 30" mid-grade double range oven.

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The Maytag MER6875BA is a 30" mid-grade double range oven. The premier model includes an exterior made up of stainless steel adorned with a white and black finish (MER6875BAS); there are also other colors available (see models section below). The MER6875BA unit includes two seperate ovens built into one for convenience; this allows users to cook more than one meal or two parts of a meal at once. The Maytag MER6875BA provides 5.52 cu. feet of cooking space and is specially designed to handle a much larger capacity than the conventional oven. The MER6875BA model includes cooking settings such as bake, broil, and warm; and both of the ovens are equipped with "Precision Cooking" and "Precision Broiling" technology and they are specifically designed to preheat much faster. The top of the oven is equipped with four "Insta-heat" cook-top elements fully controlled by "Deluxe Precision Touch 850" electronic controls. The time and information is displayed via a super bright digital display, and there are two separate displays; one for each oven. "Evenair" convection cooking technology in the lower oven ensures all food types are rightfully cooked with an even heat distribution.  A special control lockout mode keeps bake times and cook settings from being changed while in use and a "Precise Clean" cleaning system can sanitize and wash the inside over a shorter period of time. The Maytag MER6875BA oven includes additional features such as fully removable knobs, a smooth-top glass ceramic cooking surface, dual control bake/broil elements, power on and hot surface indicator lights, an optional "Create a Space" half rack for the inside, three heavy duty oven racks, and an automatic delay bake/cleaning mode.

  • Mid-grade 30" double range oven
  • Elements: Two 6" "Insta-Heat" elements; One "Dual Choice" element and one "Triple Choice" element
  • 5.52 cu. feet of total cooking space
    • Upper Oven Capacity: 1.22 cu. feet
    • Lower Oven Capacity: 4.3 cu. feet
  • Bake, broil and warm cook settings
  • Upper element preheats in half the time
  • "Deluxe Precision Touch 850" electronic controls
  • Super bright dual digital display; one per oven
  • Control lockout mode; "Precision Clean" cleaning system; and automatic delay bake/clean mode
  • "Evenair" convection cooking technology in the lower oven
  • Fully removable knobs
  • Smoothtop glass ceramic cooking surface
  • Dual control bake/broil elements
  • Power on and hot surface indicator lights
  • Three heavy duty oven racks
  • Optional "Create a Space" half rack available

MER6875BAx where x indicates the model's colour. Model numbers include: MER6875BAB, MER6875BAW, MER6875BAQ, MER6875BAS. Specific models are detailed below:

Maytag MER6875BAB
  • Color: Black
  • MSRP: $1,106
Maytag MER6875BAW
  • Color: White
  • MSRP: $1,106
Maytag MER6875BAQ
  • Color: Bisque (Creamy White)
  • MSRP: $1,106
Maytag MER6875BAS
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • MSRP: $1,302
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