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The Maytag MDB8851BW is an upper model oversized capacity tall tub undercounter dishwasher made available by Maytag.

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easy enough to set up for an amateur installer

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controls are simple to work with, don't really need to read the manual

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doesn't use too much power while in operation

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consistently gets dishes spotlessly clean

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noticeably more quiet than most dishwashers, can't really hear it

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dishes are streak-free in both heated and non-heated dry cycles

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silverware baskets are a little small and confining, can't always fit everything in

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dishes don't always come out dry even with the heated dry cycle

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The Maytag MDB8851BW is an upper model oversized capacity tall tub undercounter dishwasher made available by Maytag.  This is similar to the MDB8951BW, with the most obvious difference is lack of steam cleaning.  This ENERGY STAR qualified model has a JetClean power module to get dishes their cleanest. The powerfull 1/3 HP motor and many clean cycles ensure all dishes receive an optimum wash and rinse.  hig pressure spray jets along with the sanitize, ToughScrub and hi-temp wash options further its cleaning power. The tall tub stainless steel interior has capacity for 14 place settings on adjustable duraguard nylon racks that features ball tip tines with cradle cushion grip, which move on stainless steel RollerGlide tracks.  There are 11 precision touch controls with touch pad, automatic temperature control and a precision clean sensor. Other features include 2-4-6 hour delay wash option, 16 indicator lights, control lockout, a ventless dry system and stainless stell internal hard food chopper. The MDB8851BW is available in 3 finishes, expect to pay an extra $100 for the stainless steel option.

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Model
  • JetClean Power Module
  • Oversize Capacity Plus Tall Tub
  • 14 Place Settings Capacity
  • 11 Precision Controls with Touch Pads
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Precision Clean Sensor
  • Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse Only and Auto Clean Cycles
  • Sanitize Option
  • ToughScrub Plus Option
  • Hi-Temp Wash Option
  • 2-4-6 Hour Delay Start
  • Control Lockout
  • 16 Indicator Lights
  • Active Vent Dry System
  • Duraguard Nylon Racks
  • Ball Tip Tines with Cradle Cushion Grip
  • Stainless Steel Rack Tracks
  • Removable Upper Rack with 2 Stack-Rack Shelves
  • High Pressure Spray Jets
  • Micro-Fine Filtration Eliminates the Need for Prewashing Dishes
  • Stainless Steel Internal Hard Food Chopper
  • DEPTH: 25 5/16 Inches
  • HEIGHT: 35 1/4 Inches
  • WIDTH: 23 7/8 Inches
Model Numbers

MDB8851BWx where x indicates the model's colour. Model numbers include: MDB8851BWW, MDB8851BWB, MDB8851BWS. Specific models are detailed below:

Maytag MDB8851BWW
  • White
  • MSRP: $800
Maytag MDB8851BWB
  • Black
  • MSRP: $800
Maytag MDB8851BWS
  • Stainless Steel
  • MSRP: $800
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