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The Maytag MDB6759AW is mid-range built-in dishwasher made available by Maytag.

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controls are right at the top of the door itself, don't have to lean over to see them

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gets dishes clean, even when not pre-rinsed

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room enough for large pots and pans

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controls are easy to understand, very little learning curve

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runs very quietly, can barely hear it when standing right next to it

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cycle is longer than usual

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coloring only works in certain types of kitchen decor

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limited wash cycle options, just a few presets

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silverware baskets are in the lower dish tray rather than in the door

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The Maytag MDB6759AW is mid-range built-in dishwasher made available by Maytag. This ENERGY STAR qualified tall tub has a 14-piece place setting capacity with an NSF Certified Sanitize option which kills 99.999% of food soil bacteria. There are two dark DuraGuard nylon racks which prevent rusting, and protect dishes from scratches and have ball tip tines with cradle cushion grip.  High pressure spray jets, Hi-Temp wash option, ToughScrub Plus option and Precisioin Clean turbidity sensor ensure dishes are washed properly, and the heated dry option provides quicker drying time.  Other option cycles include Heavy Wash and Auto Clean Plus with Adaptice Dry.  This model also features a stainless steel internal hard food chopper to prevent food remenants clogging the drain.  The QuietSeries 300 sound package allows this unit to run at 58 dBA giving an extremely quiet wash.  The Maytag MDB6759AW# is available in 4 finishes, with the last digit (#) indicating the colour option; White = W, Bisque = Q, Black = B and Stainless Steel = S. Expect to pay an extra $100 for the stainless option.

  • Fully integrated console
  • Armor tub interior
  • Auto Clean Plus cycle with Adaptive Dry feature
  • Premium dark DuraGuard nylon racks
  • High-Side lower rack with cup shelves
  • NSF Certified Sanitize option
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • QuietSeries 300 sound package (58 dBA)
  • 14 Place setting capacity
  • Precision Clean™ turbidity sensor
  • Heated Dry option
  • Hi-Temp Wash option
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Control lock
  • Ball tip rack tines with Cradle Cushion grip
  • High pressure spray jets
  • Micro-Fine Plus filtration
  • Split & Fit silverware basket
  • Stainless steel internal hard food chopper
  • ToughScrub Plus option
  • Microprocessor controls with touch pads
  • Heavy Wash cycle
  • HEIGHT: 35 1/4 Inches
  • WIDTH: 23 7/8 Inches

Model Numbers

MDB6759AWx where x indicates the model's color. Model number include: MDB6759AWW, MDB6759AWQ, MDB6759AWB, MDB6759AWS

Maytag MDB6759AWW
  • White
  • MSRP: $649
Maytag MDB6759AWQ
  • Bisque
  • MSRP: $649
Maytag MDB6759AWB
  • Black
  • MSRP: $649
Maytag MDB6759AWS
  • Stainless Steel
  • MSRP: $749

Post Review
10/12/2012 03:12

This product worked fine for almost 3 years, but the first year the house was still under construction and it was barely used. It was quiet, did the job, but took a long time to finish.

PROBLEM!!!!! Touchpad wore out after those 3 short years of light use. Of course the warranty is only good for 1 year. Store that sold it to me (local Maytag appliance store) sent out a repairman to tell me the touchpad was worn out-charged me $86 to tell me what I already knew. At least the $86 "service fee" was not charged when he came back to install the new touchpad-$226. So now I have a working model again, but for how long. Repair guy said we don't see this happen very often. "Do you clean the touchpad frequently, or use Windex or orange-based cleaners?" No, none of the above. Maybe it gets wiped off with a damp sponge every now and then. "Oh, well then maybe it was a manufacturer's defect?" Really? Just like that? Maybe that manufacturer should take some responsibility for making crappy products, eh?

So I contacted Maytag by e-mail. Here was their less than helpful response:

Thank you for visiting the Maytag web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

"I regret to hear that your dishwasher needed repair as I know how disappointing it is whenever any manufactured item requires servicing. Although our appliances are manufactured under strict quality guidelines, occasionally failures do occur. I cannot explain what factors may have contributed to the malfunctioning components in your unit.

We do understand and appreciate your feelings concerning the problem you encountered. Your comments have been documented in our files and are available for review should it become necessary for you to contact Whirlpool again at a future date.

You are a valued Maytag customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this concern may have caused."



09/01/2013 09:56

I purchases this diswasher in 2009. Within 2 years the touchpad wore out. I was told that wear and tear caused it.. Total B.S. since it is only my husband and I and it doesn't get use everyday.... Here I am again less than 2 years later and the touchpad is not working again! Can't invest that kind of money again in it.. Total waste of money. DON'T buy this dishwasher.

Mr Brookhou
06/10/2011 02:30

Every major component failed:
This product worked fine for only one year, after that the water pump motor, electronic circuit controller and the door controller pad all failed. My estimated repair cost from a certified repairman is almost $800 in parts and labor and I only paid $500 for the dishwasher.

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