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The Maytag Maxima EcoConserve MHW7000XR is a mid-cost front load washer.

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runs extremely quietly, can't generally hear it

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clothes come out thoroughly cleaned

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Sanitize function effectively removes allergens and odors

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good range of adjustability within the settings

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doesn't always extract the water, need to run the cycle aain

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cycles are unusually long, shortest is over an hour

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seal around the door collects dirt from the clothes, needs regular cleaning as well as airing out

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The Maytag Maxima EcoConserve MHW7000XR is a mid-cost front load washer. Thanks to its PowerWash cycle, which offers a deep rinse that flushes out remnants of dirt and detergent, Maytag promotes the Maxima line as offering some of the best cleaning in the industry. This Energy Star qualified washer is equipped with a Sanitize setting, which uses steam to get rid of 99.9% of household bacteria. The Advanced Vibration Control Plus system utilizes a six point suspension, two ball bearings, and built-in software to offer a quiet performance. With a capacity of five cubic feet, the Maxima EcoConserve MHW7000XR is among the largest washers made by Maytag. 

  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 38" x 27" x 31.5"
  • PowerWash cycle
  • Advanced Vibration Control Plus
  • 16 hour Fresh Hold w/ Dynamic venting technology
  • Steam for Stains
  • Allergen removal cycle
  • Oxi Boost (optional)
  • 12 wash cycles, 8 options
  • MaxExtract extended spin
  • Clean Washer w/ Affresh cycle
  • Whites cycle
  • Extra rinse
  • 4-tray dispenser drawer
  • Stainless steel wash basket
  • 1000 watt built-in water heater
  • Control lockout
  • Estimated Time Remaining display
  • Delay Start option
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