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The Maytag Bravos MEDB400VQ is an electric dryer from the Maytag Bravos series based on Maytag Commercial Technology (MCT) .

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"wrinkle prevent" button effectively avoids any wrinkles in the clothes

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able to dry a load completely in a single cycle, no need to put it in for longer

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huge capacity, can dry as much as can be fit in a fully loaded large capacity washer

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provides an estimated time remaining in order to keep you from having to keep checking

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catches a good amount of pet hair and lint

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dries effectively at cooler temperatures as well as the hotter ones

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electronics sometimes report errors within the first few months, requiring product replacement

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makes a fair amount of noise

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The Maytag Bravos MEDB400VQ is an electric dryer from the Maytag Bravos series based on Maytag Commercial Technology (MCT). An upgrade from the MEDB200VQ, the MEDB400VQ offers a SuperSize Capacity Plus Duracushion Dryer Drum that holds a whopping 7.3 cubic ft. (versus 6.8 cubic ft.) of clothing, more than enough for most laundry needs. Like its peer, the MEDB400VQ is essentially a less fancy downgrade from the Maytag Performance Series. Nevertheless, the MEDB400VQ still comes with a myriad of useful features such as a 90-minute wrinkle prevent option, a front lint filter, a reversible swing door, and a commercial-grade blower with a 100-foot vent length. The Maytag Bravos MEDB400VQ is retailed at $899.00 (versus $749.00) and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Extended service plans are available for an additional fee.

  • Capacity: 7.3 Cu. Ft.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 44 x 29 x 29-1/2"
  • Available in White (MEDB400VQ)
  • SuperSize Capacity Plus DuraCushion Dryer Drum
  • 7 Cycles/5 Temperatures
  • 90-Minute Wrinkle Prevent Option
  • QuietSeries 300 Sound Package
  • Interior Light
  • Front Lint Filter
  • Commercial Grade Blower
  • Reversible Swing Door
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Extended Service Plans Available
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11/02/2010 05:47

I bought this dryer back in Feb and it worked great until some error code came up. The techs can't figure out what is wrong and we have been without a dryer for 3 weeks now! We bought at lowes and they only have a 7 day return policy.

08/20/2010 02:43

I bought this dryer at Lowes in April. I hate it! It is so noisy, clothes take a long time to dry and come out wrinkled in no matter what cycle I use.

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