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Maxtor gives you 1 TB of shared network disk space with the Shared Storage II.

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Huge storage capacity

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Media streaming capabilities

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Can be used to backup all of your home network

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This drive is really bad . . . the power supply gives up fairly quickly, the Raid 1 doesn't work (if you loose one disk, you need to send the whole thing to Maxtor to get your data back) . . . it overheats, so at best it is a large back-up for a time to time use.. not for a real NAS

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When it breaks (and you want to recover your data), it's difficult to open and get the disks out

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Too noisy

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Problems changing drive name

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The management software it ships with is suboptimal

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Slower than USB, Firewire external hard drives

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Maxtor gives you 1 TB of shared network disk space with the Shared Storage II. Equipped with a 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface, this 1 trillion byte drive will backup your networked computers, store important files, and deliver media files to all over your home or office. Also includes two USB ports to attach more hard drives (why would you need more?) and/or printers because the Shared Storage II also acts as a print server. Works on both Mac and PC and provides fast data access with simple setup.

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04/23/2007 01:23

I'm using the Maxtor Shared Storage II 300gb model and have been very happy. I store all of my music and video files on it and have no problem streaming content over my wireless network. It works seamlessley with my Roku Soundbridge M1001 Network Music Player which I also love. The Maxtor drive was very easy to set up on my Linksys network, has a nice user interface, automatic backup application and a built in media server. I run a printer off of one of the USB ports and that works pretty fast as well so I didn't have to go out and buy a USB printer server. It's been worth the investment that's for sure.

02/19/2007 09:23

I saw this in a PC magazine and it was chosen as the best choice for a NAS drive. I'm still not sure if NAS is the way to go (a cheap home server suits my fancy), but if you're thinking about it, then go for this. It's got a *ton* of storage, is very fast (as fast as it can be on a network), and is easy to setup for both Macs and PCs.

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