The Mattel Mindflex is extremely unique; in that it uses the brain power of concentration.

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The Mattel Mindflex is a mid-grade game, designed to allow users the ability to play in several ways using merely their mind to move a ball around a small base. The Mattel Mindflex is extremely unique; in that it uses the brain power of concentration; which are measured through EEG technology sensors which are positioned on a special controller head unit; to move a ball around an area. The Mindflex has many different ways to play which all involve moving a ball through an obstacle course with your mind; there are five different game modes and many different combinations the pieces can be positioned across the board.

The Mattel Mindflex also includes additional features such as the unique EEG wireless headset, 4 game-play balls, fun and support for adults and children 8 and up, support for up to 4 players simultaneously, a series of built-in indicator lights which signal points of progress during the game, battery life, and mind concentration power.

  • Unique EEG brain concentration technology
  • 5 different games/ ways to play
    • Freestyle
    • Mental Marathon
    • Danger Zone
    • Chase The Lights
    • Thoughtshot
  • 4 game-play balls included
  • Unique Game console/ game-play board
  • Support for up to 4 players simultaneously
  • Built-in console indicator lights
    • EEG concentration
    • Battery Life
    • Game objectives
  • For adult and children 8 and up
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