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Matt & Nat make vegan friendly hand bags & purses out of the highest quality synthetic leathers.

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Matt & Nat bags are made in China, out of non-degradable plastics. To me it looks like this time "eco-friendly" is just a marketing ploy.

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Matt & Nat make vegan friendly hand bags & purses out of the highest quality synthetic leathers. Not only is this an environmentally conscious company, it is an economical and stylish one as well. The bags come in a variety of colours or colour detailing. The Boston bag here has some bluish-green accenting on the bag to give it some flare!
Another cool thing about Matt & Nat bags that I forgot to mention is that they each come with a leather key chain that has a button snap to attach to the inside of your bag. It's so great for not losing your keys!!
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Cris Littrell
06/28/2010 06:39

I do not like how the top just folds over and the buckles are insane. too many to close the bag (3) not counting the pockets (2).

Cris Littrell
06/28/2010 06:39

i was delighted to find my bag at Goodwill for $14.95 knowing how much they retail for. just lucky i guess.

07/08/2007 10:42

I want to buy this bag, but i dont know where i can to buy this bag and how i can get it?please help me....

06/24/2007 03:46

I have this bag up for auction on ebay go to indulgeyourfancy under sellers!!! not a store just a seller with auctions right now i have the large matt and nat boston no reserve....

03/01/2007 12:31

I have this bag in green. I love it! I get stopped all the time about it.

10/25/2006 06:07

It seems like this bag is sold out everywhere. You can check out Luna Boston and Bennetts Clothing who also sell Matt & Nat.

10/25/2006 05:56

i HAVE to have this bag....i have been putting it off as i just moved across the country and have been lacking in funds and now it's NOT on the website.....HELP ME! i don't really know how this site works.....

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