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The Master Lock 5400D Key Safe is a hanging unit that securely holds up to five keys.

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The Master Lock 5400D Key Safe is a hanging unit that securely holds up to five keys. This key safe will open only when you enter your personalized combination.

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  • Hanging key storage box with combination access to 5 keys
  • Large key storage compartment holds over 5 keys for house, car, or padlock
  • Hangs from doorknob, fence, or just about anywhere
  • Personalized, adjustable combination lock with 4 dials offers up to 10,000 combination possibilities for optimal security.
  • Reinforced body withstands hammering and sawing
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Style Options

  • Shackle Mounted 
  • Wall-Mounted
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Secure, Reliable Key Storage

Trustworthy and secure, the 5400D offers a convenient locking solution that holds up to five house or car keys. Great for people on the go, the 5400D means you'll always know exactly where your keys are. And for added peace of mind, this key safe will withstand the tools a thief might use to attempt entry.

The 5400D is a great key safe for people selling their homes, and it's also a smart choice for families with children who may need to enter the house when an adult isn't present.

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Weather-Resistant Key Safe Hangs Anywhere

With a compact, lightweight design and portable, over-the-knob mount, the 5400D can be hung exactly where you need it--on a door, fence, or post. The compartment door pivots smoothly and remains attached to the lock body. For further convenience, an easy-grip, dome-shaped dial with contemporary metallic finish features easy-to-use combination dials.

Because the 5400D is most commonly hung out of doors, it's designed to withstand the elements. Specifically, a shutter door protects the combination dials from weather, dirt, and grime, so the result is rust-free performance and long life.

Built to last, the 5400D boasts durable die-cast zinc construction with vinyl-covered shackles to prevent scratching. What's more, its reinforced, molded body is built to last and helps to withstand hammering and sawing.

The Master Lock 5400D Key Safe is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Personalized Four-Digit Combination for Optimum Security

With the 5400D, it's easy to set your own four-digit combination. Just enter your chosen code for complete control over access to your keys. And because it offers up to 10,000 combination possibilities, this system is more secure than key locks, and it gives you the option of resetting the combination whenever you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I open the U-lock hasp to secure it to the door, hose bib, etc?

    Open the door, slide the latch right hand corner and the u shape hoop should open.

  • What happens if a user doesn't spin the dials after opening?

    Yes, the combo needs to be spun after use.

  • Can the code be changed?

    Yes, easily. When you open the keybox you slide a lever over and then change the combination to anything you want, then slide the lever back and you are done. So you can use the keybox at different properties and never have the same code.

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