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The J-15 is an acoustic guitar from Martin.

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The J-15 is an acoustic guitar from Martin. Of all the guitars in the 15 series, the J-15 is the most inexpensive ($1249.00). The Mortise/Tenon neck joint provides a solid connection to the body, so that you know you're playing an acoustic and not a two-piecer. The effect of a solid connection on tone is palpable. This is the very essence of what an acoustic guitar is all about, so it makes sense that Martin pays attention to this detail. The nut on the Martin J-15 is white corian, which has an effect on tone and sustain. With the wrong nut, even the best woods can sound flat, but this is not a problem on the J-15. The 380 case will keep your J-15 safe when you're on the go, so you will not have to worry about long walks or trips. If you want the premium features of the 15 series but don't want to pay the higher price of the rest of the 15 series, the J-15 might just be for you.

  • J-14 fret body size
  • Choice of solid sapele or genuine mahogany top, sides and back
  • Gold and black herringbone style rosette
  • A-frame "X" top bracing pattern
  • Solid sitka spruce 5/16" top braces
  • Select hardwood neck material
  • Modified low oval neck shape
  • Solid/square taper headstock
  • Solid east indian rosewood/raised gold foil headplate
  • Solid east indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • 14 frets clear, 20 frets total
  • Satin finish
  • Belly-style bridge
  • Chrome-enclosed tuning pegs
  • Tortoise color pickguard
  • 380 case
  • Optional electronics
  • Left-handed model available
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