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The 000-15 is an acoustic guitar from Martin.

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tone is soft and beautiful, a very sweet sounding guitar

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nice loud definition in the basses, very clear

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action is easy to use, fretboard is very comfortably set

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mids and highs ring clear without being harsh

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Mahogany has a good feel, nice overall texture and quality to the unit

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consistent tone and performance day after day

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stays in tune for a long time, only ever needs slight adjustment

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The 000-15 is an acoustic guitar from Martin. Like most of Martin's high-end guitars, the 000-15 is made for the skilled acoustic player. The tone of the Martin 000-15 will stand up to a medium-style strum, but it really shines with fingerpicking and/or slide playing. It is also a stand-up performer in backing up vocalists. The modified low oval neck shape will feel good on your hand when you're gliding around the fretboard. If you tend to play with a busy fretting hand, you know the value of a comfortable fretboard that won't stiffen you up. This is especially true of acoustic guitars. With this neck style, a long show won't kill your fretting hand. The 000-15 has the option of built-in electronics, which is a plus for those who will be using this guitar for gigging. Instead of the awkward task of miking an acoustic live, you can plug in the pickup and play. The satin finish of the 000-15 ensures that it will be a good visual performer at shows too. The look is classic. Overall, the reviews of the Martin 000-15 have been very positive.   

  • Mortise/Tenon neck joint
  • 000-14 fret body
  • Herrington-style gold and black rosette
  • A-frame "X" top bracing pattern
  • Solid sitka spruce 5/16" top braces
  • Select hardwood neck material
  • White corian nut
  • Belly style bridge
  • 14 frets clear, 20 frets total
  • Solid/square taper headstock
  • Soild east Indian rosewood/raised gold foil headplate
  • Solid east Indian rosewood fretboard and bridge
  • Satin finish
  • Toirtoise color pickguard
  • Left-handed model available
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