The Martin HD-35 is a six-string acoustic guitar based on the previous model.

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The Martin HD-35 is a six-string acoustic guitar based on the previous model. Along with producing a strong bass sound, the guitar has a 14-fret body style with Solid East Indian rosewood back, sides and headplate. Instead of using attractive bindings to create a flashy instrument, the guitar is built around quality and solid construction as it has a solid black ebony fingerboard and a genuine mahogany neck. Because of the different materials used in the manufacturing of the guitar, it produces large, open tones that are ideal for rhythm playing.

  • Six-string acoustic guitar
  • 14-fret body style
  • Solid Sitka spruce top
  • Solid East Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Genuine mahogany neck
  • Solid East Indian rosewood headplate
  • Solid black ebony fingerboard
Post Review
07/26/2006 11:05

I purchased a new HD-35 in 2004. I was looking for the "Martin" sound so the Taylor's and Gibson's , Larrivee's etc that I tried didn't make the cut even though they were very nice guitars. The HD-35 had the cleanest bass ( open 6 string ) that I heard on any of the D-18's or D-28's or HD-28's or the D-28V. I tried many. If you only want to do picking then this may NOT be the guitar for you as the sound isn't as clean as other models. If you want to pick and do some rhythm that's another matter. If I had to do it over I would look for a vintage guitar because you just can't get a 20 or 30 year old sound from a new guitar. My choice would be an early 60's D-18 (mahogony sound ) or D-28. I have also tried new Santa Cruz ( Tony Rice model ) and Collings dreadnoughts. They sounded really good but the price is up there. I hope I am around in 30 yrs to hear the sound of my 2004 HD-35. It should have opened up a bit by then!!

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