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The Marshall MG50FX is a mid-cost 50 watt combo guitar amp.

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enough power output for smaller venues and practices

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has many onboard FX and FX loops

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small and light enough to be portable for performances

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has 4 separate programmable channels, easy to switch between them

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audio is clean and rich, enhances the sound of the guitar

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not enough power for medium to large venues

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solid state electronics still not quite as rich sounding as a tube amp

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The Marshall MG50FX is a mid-cost 50 watt combo guitar amp. Marshall promotes their MG series as offering digital features with a classic analogue tone. There are four channels on this amp: Regular input, Foot controller, Headphone/line out, and MP3/line in (for playing along to MP3s). The MG footcontroller allows you to change tones (from clean to distortion) on the fly. The emulated headphone jack of the MG50FX allows you to hear yourself playing through headphones while the amp itself stops making noise, which is ideal for night time practicing. The 2010 MG50FX is an updating of previous models in that it has Frequency Dependent Dampening (FDD), which gives the sound of this amplifier depth, and mimics the classic tone of Marshall's all-tube amplifiers. The on-board digital effects (chorus/phaser/flanger/delay) are also a new feature. This amp is a step up from the lower cost MG30FX in that it has the foot switch included, 50 watts of power (as opposed to 30 watts), a 12" Custom speaker (as opposed to 10"), an FDD switch (for more tone choices, as opposed to having the effect on at all times), and an external FX loop (which allows you to use external effects with less noise than using them through the regular input). However, the MG50FX lacks the higher cost MG100HFX's 100 watts of power (though the MG100HFX is only an amp head, and not a full combo with speakers unto itself). The Marshall MG50FX comes in a black color.   

  • 50 watt power output
  • 1 12" speaker
  • 4 channels (Input, foot controller, headphone/Line out, MP3/Line in) 
  • Digital reverb
  • Digital chorus/phaser/flanger/delay
  • Emulated headphone jack
  • FDD switch
  • External FX loop
  • MG footcontroller compatible
  • Dimensions: 20.39" x 19.4" x 10.9"
  • Weight: 36.59lbs.
  • 3 band EQ
  • Color: Black
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05/03/2011 02:51

Does anyone know how to program the 4way foot controller? I have set channel one on the foot controller with clean, 2 with crunch and want 3 to be distorted. However, I can't set 3 for some reason. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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