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Featuring an updated faceplate design and an Mp3/Line In jack for external content playback.

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good emulation of older tube amps

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gets very loud even at low settings despite the low wattage

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overdrive offers great tone for metal styles

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reverb is very good even with full overdrive

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good range of fun effects, easy to toggle through them

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switching between channels with the small black switch on the front is awkward

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whole amp sounds very flat without the FDD circuit engaged

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clean channel can seem too light, especially with an effect pedal

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The MG15FX is an entry-level electric guitar amplifier from Marshall that offers a step-down from the company's MG15FXMS model and a step-up from the MG15R model. Featuring an updated faceplate design and an Mp3/Line In jack for external content playback, this model is equipped with a host of on-board effects including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Delay. Full digital reverb is also accessible through a separate dedicated knob, alongside a three-band equalizer for user control of bass, middle and treble frequencies. 15 watts of power are accessible through a single 8-inch speaker, with separate "Clean:Crunch" and "Overdrive" channels providing distinctive tone options. Compatible with Marshall's MG Series footswitch, users can store 4 parameter settings and access tap-tempo for the Delay effect without having to bend down and adjust the amplifier itself. In addition, isolated practice can be achieved through the emulated headphone system for late-night or private rehearsal without sacrificing sound design possibilities. 

  • Classic Marshall Black/Gold aesthetic
  • 15 watts power output
  • Single 8-inch speaker
  • 4 storable channels
  • On-board digital effects
  • On-board digital reverb
  • Mp3/Line In jack
  • Emulated headphone system
  • MG footswitch support
  • 7.7kg weight
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