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The Marshall JVM215C is a mid-cost 50 watt combo tube guitar amp.

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XLR output significantly increases unit versatility - can be used for silent practice/recording applications and direct inputting in live environments

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Clean channel is warm and "sparkling" - sufficiently lives up to the classic "Marshall Sound"

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High-gain design is ideal for producing organic distortion sounds - doesn't require overdrive to achieve classic rock tones

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"Orange Mode" is ideal for hard rock/metal guitarists - provides thick, heavy low end and excels especially amongst drop tunings

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Sound outputting is surprisingly powerful for the cabinet size - excellent for frequent travel/rehearsal purposes

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Foot-switch is easy to configure and use - reinforced design is great for travel/tour applications

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Seemingly overpriced considering the feature set - similar two-channel models from Fender and Yorkville are available for considerably less

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The Marshall JVM215C is a mid-cost 50 watt combo tube guitar amp. This is a two channel amp, with volume, tone and gain controls for each channel. You can set the reverb for each channel as well, so that you can switch between different levels of saturation. There are three voicing modes for each of the JVM215C's channels, so that you have six tone options in total. Each voicing mode consists of a different level of distortion. This amp has an effects loop, which allows you to use external effects with less noise than using them through the regular input. This amp gives sound through a 12" G12B speaker. The Marshall JVM215C comes in a classic black color, and the footswitch is included.

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 23.8" x 20.07" x 10.43"
  • Weight: 58.42lbs.
  • 50 watt power output
  • 1 12" G12B speaker
  • 2 channels
  • 3 voicing modes per channel
  • Effects loop
  • Digital reverb
  • 4 ECC83 pre-amp valves
  • 1 ECC83 power amp valve
  • 2 EL34 power amp valves
  • PEDL-00045 footswitch 
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