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The Marshall JVM210C is a mid-cost 100 watt combo tube guitar amp.

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Programmable nature offers full user customization - 3 presets per channel offer quick adjustment for automatic response

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Exhibits true craftsmanship - faceplate, knobs, switches and grille cloth demonstrate Marshall's high-quality engineering and overall attention to detail

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Contrasting dual-speaker design incorporates both modern and classic elements - "Vintage" and "Heritage" models provide further versatility

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Very portable as compared to Marshall's head/cabinet stack units - ideal for travelling musicians who don't require a massive power handling

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Clean and dirty channels are distinctly different - wide variety of tonal possibilities is appealing to eclectic musicians

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Footswitch compatibility provides one-touch channel switching - highly beneficial for live musicians who require both a "clean" and "dirty" channel

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Very heavy - 75+ pound weight is considerably higher than competitors from Fender and Vox

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The Marshall JVM210C is a mid-cost 100 watt combo tube guitar amp. This amp is a two channel design, with volume, tone, and gain for each channel. You can also control the reverb for each channel individually, so that you can switch between different levels of reverb saturation (using the included footswitch, if you are switching on the fly). There are three voicing modes per channel, which gives you six tone options in total. Each voicing mode consists of a different distortion level. The JVM210C has one 12" Vintage speaker and one 12" Heritage speaker, which is what seperates it from the lower cost JVM210H (a speakerless head version). The Marshall JVM210C comes in a classic black color.

  • 100 watt power output
  • 1 12" Vintage speaker
  • 1 12" Heritage speaker
  • 4 ECC83 pre-amp valves
  • 1 ECC83 power amp valve
  • 4 EL34 power amp valves
  • PEDL-00045 footswitch
  • Dimensions: 27.16" x 20.07" x 10.43"
  • Weight: 76.05lbs.
  • 2 channels
  • Digital reverb
  • 3 voicing modes per channel 
  • Color: Black
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