Restaurant-Quality Frozen Drinks Without the Guesswork.

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With three independent blending stations, the Tahiti offers the ultimate in frozen drink making for your biggest bash, blending a variety of restaurant-quality frozen drinks at the press of a button. Pick your favorite from six automated drink settings, programmed to shave just the right amount of ice and blend the perfect Margaritas, Daiquiris, Coladas, Mudslides, Mojitos and Smoothies. Your guests will be mesmerized as they watch the motorized ice chute rotating from one pitcher to the next creating one delicious drink after another.

And the Tahiti couldn't be easier to use.

Simply fill the top reservoir with ice, pour your favorite ingredients into the blending jars and, with the touch of a button, the automatic Shave 'n Blend controls create up to 72 ounces of pitcher-perfect frozen drink deliciousness in one easy step. The Tahiti manual controls also allow you to thicken or thin your drink to your personal preference with the "shave only" and "blend only" settings at each blending station.

A large-capacity ice reservoir holds enough ice to make up to 144 ounces of frozen drinks and heavy-duty die-cast components keep the party going. Melting ice is channeled into a rear reservoir to avoid watered-down drinks. All the blending jar components are dishwasher safe, and the rest of the unit quickly wipes clean. The Tahiti will be the center of attention at your next party, featuring premium brushed-nickel housing, polished stainless-steel accents, and bamboo wood detailing.

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  • Three 24-ounce blending jars automatically creates of 72-ounce of frozen drink per cycle
  • Capability to create 6+ different drink types (margarita, daiquiri, colada, mudslide, mojito, smoothie)
  • Rotating ice chute creates spectacle appeal
  • Constructed from premium bamboo wood and brushed aluminum finishes, polished stainless steel accents and heavy duty die-cast components
  • Measures 19.34 inches by 19.5 inches by 19.5 inches; Limited 1-year warranty
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  • Create daiquiris, coladas, mojitos, mudslides, smoothies and margaritas with the six automatic drink settings
  • Just four easy steps to fabulous restaurant-quality frozen drinks (add ice, add mix, select your drink, and fire it up)
  • Make three different kinds of drinks in one cycle as the motorized ice chute automatically rotates from one blending station to the next
  • Ice reservoir holds enough for six pitchers (24 ounces each)
  • Manual "shave only" and "blend only" control to customize the drink consistency
  • 700 watts of combined shaving and blending power
  • Tastefully designed with bamboo wood and polished stainless-steel accents
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What's in the Box?

  • Margaritaville DM3000 Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker
  • 3 24-ounce blending jars
  • Quick start guide
  • Instruction manual
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the machine put the right amount of liquor in or do you have to put the drink in and it just adds the correct amount of ice?

    It just adds ice. You put in liquor and mixes.

  • Can you use your own slushie mix on the machine?

    Don't see why not. One adds whatever they want to the mixing jar and the machine shaves ice into it and then mixes the concoction throughout the process. Would imagine that you could add a slushy mix before the ice or simply drizzle it on the ice after shaving as it is a reel fine shaved ice that would be perfect for icee's etc.

  • Has anyone used this machine with fresh fruits to make smoothies or is only for drink mix?

    I have used this machine to make drinks using fresh fruit and frozen fruit. There are some preset drinks with specific recipies and the device knows just how much ice to add and how much blending is needed. In addition, you can have fun creating your own concoctions. It is a great machine and everyone loves the drinks! At party time, I like to premix drinks so my guests can easily pour the mix in, push the button and enjoy the results.

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