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The Marantz UD8004 is a high-end Blu-ray Disc player released in early 2010.

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upscaling of regular DVDs, both for audio and video, are very well rendered

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wide compatibility with almost any type of disc format

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audiophile quality audio output, clear and detailed that can compete with any other high-end equipment

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lots of options to fine-tune and customize the unit's operation

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menus are easy to follow, very user friendly

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top end Blu-ray playback with excellent image resolution, color saturation and detailed definition

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construction is hefty and heavy-duty, very well built

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takes awhile to load up a CD or DVD

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disk tray slams shut abruptly, need to be 100% sure that disk is sitting in there correctly

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The Marantz UD8004 is a high-end Blu-ray Disc player released in early 2010. In addition to playing 1080p video content, this player is also compatible with CD, Super Audio and DVD-Audio formats. This product is a step below the flagship Marantz UD9004. What separates this Blu-ray player from others is its unique triple-sectioned construction. The power supply, microprocessor array and analog circuitry are completely separated from each other. This engineering decision helps to prevent interference, allowing for the best image and sound quality the UD8004 can provide. A 32-bit SHARC processor takes care of high-def audio, while the Anchor Bay ABT2015 provides the video upscaling. In addition to a variety of analog outputs, HDMI 1.3 is fully integrated for 36-bit Deep Color support. The Marantz UD8004 comes in a reinforced aluminum enclosure in order to protect the device.

  • BD-Profile 2.0 with BD-Live, Bonus View
  • Blu-ray Disc, CD, Super Audio and DVD-Audio support
  • Triple sectioned construction
  • SHARC 32bit DSP for HD audio decoding
  • Anchor Bay ABT2015 video upconversion
  • Dolby True HD, dts-HD MA decoder
  • 24fps video playback
  • 36-bit Deep Color
  • SD Card slot
  • Optional rack mount kit
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