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The Marantz UD7005 is a mid-cost Blu-Ray player.

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includes a 7.1 channel analogue output, can set speaker distances, lots of features

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DVD upscaling is excellent, looks very nearly HD

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runs cool even after hours of use

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DAC system delivers clean, warm sound

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built heavy and solid, made with durable quality parts

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very stylish design, looks bold and mixes the matte and glossy surfaces well

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can take up to a minute to go from powered-off to successfully ejecting a disc

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The Marantz UD7005 is a mid-cost Blu-Ray player. Like the closely related UD5005 model, Marantz promotes this Blu-Ray player as having a loading time less than a 1/2-1/3 the amount of their previous models. Besides playing Blu-Ray discs, the UD7005 supports MP3s, WMAs, AACs, WAVs, DivX Plus HDs, AVCHDs, Jpegs, and Kodak picture files on discs, as well as Mpegs and h.264s through USB. This player also gives you access to online content such as NetFlix (as long as you have a subscription) and YouTube. The 192kHz/24bit audio D/A converter ensures a consistent performance from the audio, no matter the source. This Blu-Ray player is a step up from the lower cost UD5005 in that it has a coated tray (to suppress vibration), double layered top cover, Anchor Bay Technology ABT2015 10bit I/P & scaler (for upconverting DVD sources to HD), Extended Picture adjustments capability, and an RS-232C Control Terminal (for more connectivity). The Marantz UD7005 Blu-Ray player supports HDMI 1.4a.

  • Plays Super Audio CD(Stereo/Multi), BD-Video/-ROM, DVD-Audio/Video/-R/-RW/+RW,  CD-DA/-R/-RW/dtsCD 
  • Supports HDMI ver.1.4a
  • 3D Blu-ray disc playback capability
  • x.v.Color, Deep Color and HDMI CEC support 
  • NetFlix(subscription required), YouTube
  • Coated tray
  • Double layered top cover
  • Anchor Bay Technology ABT2015 10bit I/P & scaler
  • RS-232C Control Terminal
  • Supports DLNA 1.5, streaming capability of home network Audio/Video/Photo contents
  • Built-in 1G memory for BD-Live(Profile 2.0), expandable the memory by USB memory
  • Plays MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/DivX Plus HD/AVCHD/Jpeg/Kodak Picture CD format on disc 
  • 10bit I/P & scaler, 296MHz over sampling, 12-bit Video processing
  • Extended picture adjustments capability
  • 192kHz/24bit audio D/A converter for Stereo analog audio outputs
  • Independent board construction to minimize the interaction between Audio, Video and Power Supply stages
  • New "Home" menu style color GUI
  • Component/Composite Video outputs, Coaxial Digital Audio output
  • IR Flasher In/Out
  • Marantz D-bus(RC-5) In/Out
  • Luminous-key Remote
  • Two IR Remote Code Set
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • 3 year warranty
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