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The SA-KI-PEARL is a high end SACD/CD player specifically designed by Ishiwata himself.

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Handles CDs, WMA and MP3 CDs as well as SACDs.

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Very nice bass response--deep notes resolve quite well and completely.

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Included remote control is well laid out and easy to use.

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Very low noise--completely uniform, thick chassis and high-quality, specially constructed components ensure clean sound.

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Sleek, minimalistic design looks great, gives a good idea of the quality.

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Extremely clear, balanced, tight audio reproduction sure to please even the most picky audiophile.

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Very pricey and difficult to find due to its limited production.

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Some of the buttons on the remote are clearly meant for different devices (the Phase Inverter button, for example).

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Released in celebration of distinguished Marantz brand ambassador and audio designer Ken Ishiwata's 30-year anniversary with the company, the SA-KI-PEARL is a high end SACD/CD player specifically designed by Ishiwata himself. Strictly limited to just 500 units worldwide and sporting a silk black pearl finish (a first for Marantz), the SA-KI-PEARL features a copper-plated chassis with a double-layered bottom plate, "bulletproof" vibration-damped cabinet, large, double shielded toroid transformer, and an impenetrable 5mm thick heavy aluminum top cover. This player is also engineered with Marantz's proprietary SACDM-10 transport mechanism with a Xyron loader - a composite material which lets the digital circuitry process a more accurate data stream, giving a more coherent and pleasing sound. Functionally, the customized HDAM-SA2 analog output circuits, a Cirrus Logic D/A converter, and selectable DAC filters - all hand-selected by Ishiwata - combine to produce a rich, natural digital playback and promise a high S/N ratio and L/R separation. The SA-KI-PEARL also handles MP3- and WMA-encoded CD-Rs and CD-RWs in addition to SA-CDs, and CDs, allowing all forms of audio to benefit from this player. Additional features include a detachable power cord and a high-current, discrete component headphone amplifier for greater user flexibility. 


  • Celebrating Ken Ishiwata's 30 years of dedication to the Marantz brand
  • Limited edition SACD player personally customized by Ken Ishiwata
  • Pearl-Silk black in color - a first for Marantz
  • Solid 5mm thick heavy aluminum top cover
  • Large toroidal transformer with copper plated shield case
  • Copper plated chassis with double layered bottom plate
  • Hand selected high quality audiophile-grade components by Ken Ishiwata
  • Solid aluminum-machined feet
  • Marantz custom SACDM-10 Xyron transport mechanism
  • SA-CD(Stereo), CD, CD-R/RW(MP3/WMA/CD-DA) playback
  • Selectable digital filters
  • Cirrus Logic D-A - CS4398
  • Original HDAM-SA2 circuits
  • Opticial digital input for DAC mode (up to 96kHz)
  • Zero impedance copper ground plate - High S/N and L/R separation
  • Discrete high current headphone amp/output
  • Machined brass analog output terminals
  • Digital out off mode for pure playback
  • Low noise LCD display
  • Detachable power cord
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