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The SA-15S2 handles MP3- and WMA-encoded CD-Rs and CD-RWs in addition to SA-CDs, and CDs, allowing all forms of audio.

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Plenty of EQ and audio customization options.

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SACD playback for audiophiles.

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The included remote is feature-rich, well laid-out and can control other Marantz devices.

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Unique champagne-coloured brushed metal finish looks classy and retro.

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Can't be turned on or off via remote.

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The playback control buttons on the unit itself are too small for comfortable use.

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Weighs in at a hefty 30 lbs.

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The SA-15S2 is a mid-to high-end SACD/CD player from Marantz, engineered with a new power supply designed around a large, double shielded toroid transformer to ensure as little magnetic interference and noise as possible. The SA-15S2 handles MP3- and WMA-encoded CD-Rs and CD-RWs in addition to SA-CDs, and CDs, allowing all forms of audio to benefit from this player. Both analog and digital outputs are included; if the user opts for digital outputs, they can select either the gold-plated coaxial or high-isolation optical connectors. The SA-15S2's analog circuitry is configured with the SA2 version of Marantz's proprietary HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module), and when choosing analog outputs, the digital outputs can be disabled completely to eliminate the chance of stray emissions impacting analog circuitry. Additional features include solid copper "zero impedance" ground plates for low noise and superior channel separation, machined brass analog output terminals, and a high-current, discrete component headphone amplifier. In contrast to more common LED or fluorescent displays, the front panel low noise LCD adds no radiation of its own to the player's audio signal chain. Available in a champagne gold finish.

  • Marantz champagne finish
  • Marantz custom SACDM-10 disc mechanism
  • SA-CD(Stereo), CD, CD-R/RW(MP3/WMA/CD-DA) playback
  • Selectable digital filter
  • Cirrus Logic D-A - CS4398
  • Original HDAM-SA2 circuits
  • Large toroidal transformer - double shielded
  • Optical/gold coax digital outputs
  • Opticial digital input for DAC mode (up to 96kHz)
  • Zero impedance copper ground plate - High S/N and L/R separation
  • Discrete high current headphone amp/output
  • Machined brass analog output terminals
  • Digital out off mode for pure playback
  • Low noise LCD display
  • Detachable power cord
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07/26/2011 08:10

Are you for real, weight as being too heavy is not a con as you pay for what you get.

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