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The ES7001 SSX is a surround sound bar released in 2007 by Marantz.

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internal amplification

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large number/variety of inputs

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comes with a remote

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you can add a subwoofer to expand the low end of the system

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three year warranty

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huge space saver

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you can build a much nicer sounding system with the money

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The ES7001 SSX is a surround sound bar released in 2007 by Marantz.  The SSX stands for "Simple Surround Xperience", which is the exact intent of this speaker system. Coming in at just over 42.5" wide, this is an ideal solution for a surround sound system with widescreen television in a smaller living area, or to avoid the clutter of 5 wired speakers in your room. The SSX has 6 speakers (two tweeters, two midranges and two woofers), all of which have their own amplifier which eliminates the need for an audio receiver.  Connect your game system, DVD player, satellite receiver or cable box directly into one of the two HDMI or three optical digital inputs, and the surround system is ready to go.  Also included are one HDMI out, 2 analog inputs and a subwoofer output.  To give and even bigger sound, you can add the optional 50 watt SW7001 subwoofer. The enclosure is a combination of black and aluminium to match any system, and can be mounted above or below your television depending on your preference. A pre-programmed system remote is included, and also comes with a three year limited warranty.

  • Built in amplifers for all 6 speakers
  • OPSODIS Processing
  • Easy Installation – One body system
  • HDMI v1.1 Repeating (2 in / 1 out)
  • Simple setup
  • Powerful Triple 32-bit DSP configuration
  • 6 all discrete amplifiers, one for each speaker
  • Built-in Dolby Digital / DTS Decoder
  • D-BUS (RC-5 Out) remote connection
  • x3 Optical digital inputs
  • x2 Analog Inputs 
  • Subwoofer Output 
  • Trigger Output for Optional Subwoofer
  • Binaural mode
  • Pre-programmed system remote
  • Compatible as a 2nd Zone System
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Playback formats: PCM Audio, DOLBY Digital, dts, AAV, Binaural, Analog Stereo
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