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The Marantz SR5002 is an entry-level A/V receiver with 7.1 audio channels at 90 watts per channel.

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Front-mounted stereo headphone jack enables private listening - allows users to access high-quality processed sound in a personal setting during late-night or otherwise quiet applications

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HDMI connectivity is strong and reliable - Blu-Ray disc players and next-gen gaming consoles provide an excellent audio/visual experience

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Provides warm, resonant frequency response - rock, pop and classical genres are particularly well-supported

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Sync adjustment feature is a major selling feature - allows users to fine-tune audio/video latency issues that may occur when running an external set of speakers or viewing third-party content

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Integrates smoothly with network streaming devices and other shared hardware - Apple TV users can access native compatibility

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Some users report unit malfunction within as little as 6 months of use - unit will work fully-functional as advertised and cease to power on without warning

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Some users report intermittent sound issues - even when setup with the assistance of a professional, unit is seemingly prone to "crackling" audio reproduction

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The Marantz SR5002 is an entry-level A/V receiver with 7.1 audio channels at 90 watts per channel. Its second zone audio output allows for simple extending of home theatre audio while its inbuilt 'upconverter' improves the picture quality of older analogue sources. Additionally, the SR5002's Lip Synch adjustment ensures that audio and video always line up properly.

The SR5002's second zone audio output allows users to extend their home theatre audio to another section of their home. While a 5.1 surround sound/standard 2-channel main/secondary room setup is typically recommended, the SR5002's 7.1 channels can be arranged to best suit your personal preference. Its upconverting transcoder allows the SR5002 to provide improved playback of legacy video sources, optimizing them for modern HD monitors/televisions. Meanwhile, the SR5002's Lip Synch feature adjusts for out-of-synch audio.


  • 90 Watts x 7 Channel All Discrete Amplifier Stage
  • HDMI v1.3a Switching/ v1.1 Repeating: 3-In/1-Out
  • 2nd Zone Audio Output
  • Lip Synch adjustment
  • Up to Component Video Up-Conversion
  • XM-Ready with Discrete IR Commands
  • Direct-Set Volume, Tuner Preset and XM Preset Commands
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