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The SR4003 is a mid-line AV receiver offered by Marantz.

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controls are easy to work with on a daily basis, everything is accessible and convenient

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remote can be programmed to work with almost anything

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built with heavy-duty components, feels substantial when you pick it up

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strong power output, enough for any sized room in a home

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up-conversion is smooth and looks high quality, no artifacting

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HDMI switching is hassle-free, works out the new settings quickly

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little to no cross-talk between channels, good signal separation

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takes some time to get used to for entry-level users

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The SR4003 is a mid-line AV receiver offered by Marantz.  This mid-priced receiver uses audiofile grade parts to give the listener a full A/V experience, without draining their bank account.  With seven 80 watt channels, each with their own discrete amplifer stages, the SR4003 has plenty of power for its price.  The SR4003 uses a Cirrus Logic processor which handles all of todays most popular digital audio formats, and features Marantz Room Acoustic Calibration (MRAC) to analyze the room acoustics and adjust its settings accordingly. Audio inputs and outputs are plentiful with eight analog stereo ins, three optical ins and two coaxial ins along with three analog stereo and one optical out. For video, there are three HDMI inputs, which can be upgraded to eight with the Marantz's VS3002.  Other video-ins include three component, five s-video and five composite inputs.  Two S-video, two composite, one HDMI and one component video out complete the massive number of connections available on this receiver.  The backlit remote can learn commands to control other electronics in your system.  Other features include a "locking" front panel to preserve your settings and reduced depth chassy made from vibration absorbing glass fiber-reinforced resin.

  • New Cosmetics, based on the Reference Series
  • 80 Watts x 7 Channels All Discrete Amplifier Stages 
  • HDMI v1.3a Switching/ v1.1 Repeating: 3-In/1-Out
  • Multi-channel (7.1) LPCM via HDMI capability
  • M.R.A.C. Auto Calibration
  • S-Video to Component Video Up-Conversion
  • Direct-Set Volume and Tuner Preset Commands
  • Assignable Component Inputs x3
  • IR Flasher Input, Front Key Lock function
  • Learning/Backlit System Remote
  • Shallower Chassis
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