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The Marantz SM-11S1 is a reference stereo power amplifier that is a part of Marantz's reference series of A/V devices.

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aluminum enclosure is heavy-duty and solid

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generates no noise at all, perfect audiophile-grade clarity

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tone combines warmth with crispness for a unique and exciting output

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channel separation is very good, no real cross-talk

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can drive high-ohm resistance speakers for extreme clarity

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amplification is fast, doesn't delay the sound

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outputs enough volume to fill any room

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The Marantz SM-11S1 is a reference stereo power amplifier that is a part of Marantz's reference series of A/V devices. The two channel outputs use unique parallel line layout for high channel separation and use a two-stage amplifier fora ccurate speaker drive which gives 110 watts per channel, which doubles to 220 watts when using low impedance speakers. There is a high speed evolved HDAM SA3 module, which has the ability to accurately track rapidly changing audio signals for high sound fidelity. The high current power supply is based on a toroidal transformer and is sealed in an aluminum case mounted to the chassis on a 10mm thick aluminum base which feeds high quality circuit parts which are selected to give maximum souind quality. Other features used to minimize signal interferance include a power meter to monitor output levels that uses Hall-effect magnetic devices to monitor current flow to the speakers without directly tapping the output itself. The Marantz SM-11S1 has one balanced and one unbalanced stereo input with independant gain control, and has dual WBT speaker outputs that can be usded in bridge (BTL) mode.

  • Main Channel Amp In:  Balanced: 1, Unbalanced: 1 
  • Bridge Mono Mode   
  • External control (RS232C);  RS-232C: 0, Trigger In: 1 
  • Number of Channels:  2 
  • Output Power/Channel (20Hz - 20kHz);  Stereo Mode: 110W x2 (8 ohms), 220W x2 (4 ohms), BTL Mode: 420W (8 ohms) 
  • HDAM:  HDAM-SA3 
  • Power Transformer:  Very Large Capacity Toroidal w/Shielded Case 
  • Discrete Amplifier Stage:  Current Feedback Amplifier Stage 
  • Individual Level Adjust:  Balanced / Unbalanced Individual Gain Setting (-6dB/0dB/+6dB) 
  • THD (20Hz - 20kHz):  0.02% (8 ohms) 
  • Input Sensitivity/Impeance;  Balanced: 2V/22k ohms, Unbalanced: 2V/22k ohms 
  • Frequency Response:  5Hz - 120kHz (1W, 8 ohms) 
  • S/N Ratio;  Balanced: 101dB, Unbalanced: 101dB (IHF-A network, 1W, 8O) 
  • Color:  Gold 
  • Front Panel:  3 pieces Aluminum 
  • Power Requirement:  AC 120V 60Hz 
  • Power Consumption:  380W (UL60065) 
  • Dimensions W x H x D (Inches):  17-5/16" x 6-5/8" x 16-15/16" 
  • Weight (lbs):  58.6 
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