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The Marantz SC-11S1 is a reference control amplifier that is a part of Marantz's reference series of A/V devices.

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independent tone controls for bass and treble help with fine-tuning

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remote control is sleek and almost futuristic looking, very cool

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doesn't wash out the tone, keeps it warm and clear

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separation between channels is absolute, no cross-talk or interference

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massive amplification possible, power output is large

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doesn't match most other equipment

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only 2 channel output available, can't handle multiple devices

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The Marantz SC-11S1 is a reference control amplifier that is a part of Marantz's reference series of A/V devices. The two channel outputs have high channel separation and ultra wide frequency response design and can be used in bi-amp mode as a monaural control amplifier. There is a balanced linear control volume by Wolfson WM8816 and also features a subsonic filter, constant current feedback phono equalizer and trim adjustment and electric tone control. There is a high speed evolved HDAM SA3 module, which has the ability to accurately track rapidly changing audio signals and the F.C.B.S (Floating Control Bus System) allows for easy expansion and operation of mutli-channel material. There are unbalanced inputs for phono, CD and two aux signals with two additional balanced XLR inputs. It uses a toroidal transformer with aluminum shield case and has a choke input system power supply circuit. The Marantz SC-11S1 has a gold colored aluminum case and comes with a remote control.

  • Main In/Pre Out:  NO / Balanced: 1, Unbalanced: 1 
  • Bridge Mono Mode/Bi-Amp Mode:  NO / X (as a monaural control amplifier) 
  • Headphone Out:  1 (A balanced input current feedback headphone amplifier) 
  • Phono Input:  MM/MC (Constant Current Feedback Phono EQ Circuit) 
  • Analog L&R In:  Balanced: 2, Unbalanced: 5 
  • Analog L&R Out:  Balanced: 0, Unbalanced: 2 
  • External control:  Trigger Out for SM-11S1: 2, F.C.B.S. In/Out: 1/1 
  • THD;  Balanced: 0.002%, Unbalanced: 0.003% 
  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance;  PHONO MC: 280┬ÁV/100 ohms, MM: 2.9mV/47k ohms, Balanced/Unbalanced: 250mV/20k ohms 
  • Frequency Response;  Balanced/Unbalanced: 5Hz - 120kHz (+/- 3dB) 
  • S/N Ratio;  PHONO MC: 78dB (0.5mV input), MM: 89dB (5mV input), Balanced: 98dB (500mV input), Unbalanced: 99dB (500mV input) 
  • Number of Channels:  2 
  • HDAM:  HDAM-SA3 
  • Power Transformer:  Large Capacity Toroidal w/Shielded Case 
  • Current Feedback Amplifier:  Current Feedback Amplifier Stage 
  • Tone Control;  Bass (50Hz): +/- 8dB, Treble (20kHz): +/- 8dB 
  • Source Direct:  NO (Tone Off equal Source Direct.) 
  • Color:  Gold 
  • Front Panel: 3 pieces Aluminum 
  • Remote Control:  Aluminum Top Marantz System Remote Controller 
  • Power Requirement:  AC 120V 60Hz 
  • Power Consumption:  35W (UL60065) 
  • Dimensions W x H x D (Inches):  17-5/16" x 5" x 17" 
  • Weight (lbs):  35.3 
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