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The Marantz PM8004 is a high-end stereo amplifier, released in 2010.

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easy adjustment of the bass, mid and treble ranges, very accessible

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runs reasonably cool with moderate ventilation

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capable of very loud volume output, enough for almost any home use

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support up to 3 sets of IR codes for a variety of custom installation options

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sleek symmetrical design, has a well-balanced look

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detachable power cord helps fit it into tight spaces

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audio quality is extremely clear, on-par or better than other receivers in this class

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blue ports on the front look out of place

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The Marantz PM8004 is a high-end stereo amplifier, released in 2010. This amp prominently features a variety of technologies engineered to produce the best sound quality the unit’s capable of. This product comes with a detachable AC cord and IR connection, meaning it can fit into tight spaces or be rack-mounted if preferred.

The Marantz PM8004 can be used in two output modes: 100W/ch at 4 ohms or 70W/ch at 8 ohms. This allows users to choose between overall volume or sound sensitivity. The power transformer is of the double shielded toroidal type, designed to prevent interference caused by the power source. The phono input feeds through a buffered circuit, minimizing interaction between the source material and the amp for improved sound. Along with A/B switching, the speaker terminals are custom made by Mirantz. Tone control dials include bass, mid and treble, while a source direct mode is also available for those who want unaltered sound.

  • 100W/ch (4 ohms), 70W(8 ohms) RMS Power (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Current Feedback topology for power amp and volume amp
  • marantz HDAM-SA3 circuit
  • Tri Tone Control (Bass/Mid/Treble)
  • Constant Current Feedback circuit for MM Phono Equalizer
  • Double shielded Toroidal Power Transformer
  • Triple Layered chassis
  • 3 analog L/R Inputs, 2 recorder In/Out
  • Power Amp Direct In for a use as a power amplifier
  • Pre Out jacks
  • marantz D-Bus(RC-5) Remote In/Out
  • Auto Power Off function
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