The PM6005 integrated amplifier features an improved power supply that provides superior speaker driving capability.

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The PM6005 integrated amplifier features an improved power supply that provides superior speaker driving capability, and is compatible with lower impedance speakers. In addition to analog audio inputs, the PM6005 also features optical and coaxial digital audio inputs for direct connection to digital audio sources such as a CD player and a digital television, for example. Featuring all discrete audio ciruitry, the PM6005 is also equipped with our HDAM discrete circuit modules, and the power amplifier features current feedback for wide range, low distortion sound quality with a wide range of speaker types. The power supply features large capacity Shottky Barrier Diodes that provide high current and high speed conversion capability. There are two sets of gold plated speaker terminals for connection to two pairs of loudspeakers, and the headphone amplifier is all discrete and is compatible with virtually any headphone type, regardless of impedance or sensitivity.

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  • HDAM & current feedback Amp of Marantz unique technology for high quality sound
  • Digital inputs to expand the connectivity of various audio player
  • Gold-plated metal speaker terminals and inputs/outputs
  • IED type detachable power cord
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Marantz HDAM Technology for Wide Frequency Response

The PM6005 features proprietary HDAM discrete-circuit technology, which provides wide frequency response, wide dynamic range, and the lowest distortion. Multiple HDAM discrete modules are employed in the critical D/A converter stages and analog audio output section for superb musical fidelity.

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Fully Discrete High-Current Output Stages

The power amp output stages feature high-current, wide-range power transistors that deliver increased power output for compatibility with lower impedance speakers. The output stages feature current feedback instead of voltage feedback, for the lowest distortion and highest stability. With 8-ohm speakers, the PM6005 is rated at 45 watts per channel; with 4-ohm speakers, it is rated at 60 watts per channel.

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High-Current, Noise-Free Power Supply

The robust power supply features a high-capacity, shielded toroidal power transformer that helps provide abundant, clean power and minimizes interaction between the power output stages and the low-voltage and digital stages. Instead of conventional diodes, the PM6005 employs high-speed, high-current Shottky Barrier Diodes for noise-free DC power output. The large-capacity storage capacitors provide instantaneous high-current delivery for the widest dynamic range.

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Reference-Quality D/A Conversion

For the utmost musical fidelity, the PM6005 is equipped with a reference class CS4398 D/A converter, which provides up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution and is compatible with high-resolution file types. The digital audio section is housed in its own shielded subsection to eliminate interference with the analog audio section.

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Fully Discrete Headphone Amplifier and Gold-Plated Headphone Jack

The fully discrete headphone amplifier circuitry is designed to be compatible with the widest range of headphone types, regardless of impedance or sensitivity, and is equipped with a high-quality gold-plated 1/4-inch headphone jack.

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Source Direct Mode for Exceptional Audio Fidelity

To ensure you get the best sound, the Source Direct function bypasses unneeded audio circuits (such as the tone controls) for the most direct audio signal path.

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Gold-Plated Connectors for Optimum Signal Transfer

For optimum signal transfer, the analog audio connectors and the coaxial digital audio input are gold plated. The audiophile-grade speaker terminals are also gold plated and can accept heavy-gauge audiophile speaker cables.

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A/B Speaker Select and Bi-Wiring Compatible

You can connect two pairs of loudspeakers and select either or both for listening. The dual-speaker outputs can also be used to drive a single pair of bi-wiring compatible speakers, with one set of connections for the speakers' low-range drivers and another for the high-range drivers.

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Optical and Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs

Both optical and coaxial digital audio inputs are provided for compatibility with a wide range of digital audio sources.

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Multiple Inputs, Including Phono, for Wide Compatibility

This amplifier has four analog audio inputs, as well as a phono input for compatibility with turntables equipped with a moving magnet (MM) phono cartridge.

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Remote Control for Amplifier and CD Player

The included ergonomically designed system remote control can control the PM6005 as well as the matching CD6005 CD player.

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Remote Control In/Out Terminals for Increased Versatility

For optimum installation flexibility, the PM6005 is equipped with remote control input and output terminals that allow connection to other Marantz components, such as the matching CD6005 CD player, letting you install the PM6005 in a cabinet or otherwise out of sight while still enjoying full remote control of the unit. For compatibility with an external system controller, the PM6005 is also equipped with an infrared (IR) flasher port.

The Marantz PM6005 Amplifier measures 4.13 by 17.32 by 15.57 (H x W x D) inches and weighs 16.76 pounds.

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What's in the Box

Marantz PM6005 Amplifier, remote control, batteries, AC cord, and owner's manual CD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I hook up my external DAC to this amp ? If so what the best input to use ?

    You can. Just use the CD player input.

  • How do you get the best sound possible from an iPod using this?

    You can use apple TV connect through optical cable to amplifier to play anything from iTunes.

  • Can I connect a subwoofer to this amp ?

    No, it's just 2 channel.

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