The Marantz PM-KI-PEARL is a high-end integrated amplifier, released in late 2009.

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The Marantz PM-KI-PEARL is a high-end integrated amplifier, released in late 2009. This product is designed by Ken Ishiwata, with its sandblasted and brushed deep black metal enclosure. As a reference-level model, this amp is designed to provide top notch audio quality with a customized aesthetic.

The power supply uses a high-capacity toroidal transformer, which feeds into capacitors specifically chosen for their audio reproduction qualities. Output power is set at either 90 watts at 8 ohms, or 140 watts at 4 ohms. Both the headphone and CD Direct input amplifier is current-buffered, meaning the unit’s signal path will remain distortion-free. Phono input receives the same treatment, making the PM-KI-PEARL ideal for use with vinyl records. Other features include separate “pre out” and “main in” terminals, however Marantz’s proprietary F.C.B.S. system allows for a multichannel setup as well. On the front users will find a LCD panel for checking volume, among other settings.

  • Limited Edition Ken Ishiwata 30th Anniversary Design
  • 5mm Thick Heavy Aluminum Top Cover
  • Toroidal Transformer with Non-magnetic Aluminum Shield Case
  • Copper Plated Chassis with a Double Layered Bottom Plate
  • Solid Aluminum Machined Feet
  • Marantz HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module)-SA3
  • Fully Discrete Constant Current Feedback Phono Equalizer
  • High Accurate Volume Control IC for Linear Control Volume
  • CD Direct Input Buffer Circuit w/ HDAM-SA2
  • Current Feedback Power Amplifier featuring V/I Servo
  • Pearl (Silk Black) in Color
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