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The Manfrotto 694CX is a lower mid-cost four section monopod.

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easy to adjust the height, even when working in low-light conditions

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foam grip feels comfortable, easy to hang on to

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light weight enough to be moved around as needed

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telescoping sections move very smoothly, never get stuck

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rubber boot at the bottom is sturdy and stable

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durable enough to survive being brought on location over and over again

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legs slide out smoothly and lock down tight without slipping

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end of the strap tends to slip through the buckle

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The Manfrotto 694CX is a lower mid-cost four section monopod. Manfrotto promotes this monopod as being ideal for shooting sporting events, as it allows photographers to shoot over the heads of everyone (with its 64.96 maximum height). To help ensure a durable design that is also lightweight, the 694CX is comprised of carbon fibre. This material provides a combination of performance, rigidity and lightness. The locking collars of this monopod are made of magnesium. The total package weighs in at a light 1.3 pounds, which makes this monopod easy to cart around. The Manfrotto 694CX has a load-bearing capacity of 11.02 pounds, which means that it can be used with most camera equipment on the lighter end of the scale.

  • 3/8" screw - 1/4" screw attachment type
  • 21.26" closed length
  • Color: Black
  • Round leg cross section
  • 4 leg sections
  • Leg tube diameters: 29.2 . 24.8 . 20.4 . 16 mm
  • 11.02 pound load capacity
  • Carbon fiber tubing
  • Magnesium castings
  • 64.96" maximum height
  • 21.26" minimum height
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
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