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Other brands selling this same basic player are Insignia and Sylvania.

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Outputs bitstream HD audio

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One of the cheapest blu-ray players available

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Good video processing capabilities

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Converts 24p material to 60Hz using proper 2:3 pulldown

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Decent upconverting capabilities

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Slower loading than more expensive players

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No ethernet port, which means the player is not future-proof

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No internal HD audio decoder

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No 5.1 analog audio outs

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Known playback issues with several BD; including no TrueHD track detected in Batman begin and Beowulf

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No S-Video output

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The Magnavox NB500MG9 is a Profile 1.1 compliant Blu Ray player that will also upconvert regular DVDs to 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolution. This is a low cost player manufactured by the Funai corporation which makes nearly half the DVD players sold in North America, and is rebranded by Magnavox for retail. Other brands selling this same basic player are Insignia and Sylvania. The player is equipped with Deep Color video processor for richer image display, and comes with a slot for SD cards. It has component and composite video out, analog and digital coaxial out, and HDMI 1.3 output. It also features Digital Bitstream for high-res audio such as Dolby TrueHD for 5.1 channel output and DTS-HD for 7.1 channel output.

  • Profile 1.1
  • Upconvert DVDs to 720p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Deep Color video processor
  • SD card slot
  • Digital Bitstream: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
  • Output: component and composite video, analog and digital coaxial audio
  • HDMI 1.3 output
  • Panasonic UniPhier chipset

Audio Considerations - the HD audio formats are output only over the HDMI 1.3 connection, and not over the digital audio out which only handle standard Dolby. There is also no included analog output of 5.1 audio.

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Justin Marc Lee Schaub
10/04/2009 12:31

Used it three times since Christmas 2008, now, no not even a year. So typical of Electronics Nowadays, not worth a penny!

12/02/2008 10:14

Congrats Joe Crack. We're not quite at the point of Blu-ray players coming free in cereal boxes (like what happened to standard def DVD players), but $128 is a big step towards affordable Blu-ray for the masses.

Joe Crack
11/30/2008 01:13

Black Friday I picked one up for $128 + tax at WallyMart. At that price, I should have purchased two of them. It's basically the same as the Philips, sans 5.1 audio analog outs. I don't use 5.1, so this does not bother me.

Picture is excellent (as good as my Sony PS3), and it does not run hot like the PS3 did.

Remote is kinda cheap, but the player is nice for the price.

Bare-bones BluRay from Sam Walton. Nice.


10/16/2008 12:52

got mine for $199.00 at WalMart....Excellent price....

10/16/2008 12:51

Load time seems to first video screenin 45 seconds. on Iron Man BR

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