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The Mini Maglite LED 3-CELL AA is a lower mid-cost flashlight.

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has a good variety of brightness settings for different situations

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batteries last a long time, doesn't draw too much power

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capable of providing workable light for a livingroom for hours in a blackout

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capable of a bright, powerful light beam when needed

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capable of being very bright, much brighter than the 2-AA version

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can provide workable light to a living room for hours in a power outage

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prone to fall over on an unstable surface

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on/off switch can jam, sometimes needs to be smacked a few times

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seals don't keep dust out, can need regular cleaning in an industrial context

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The Mini Maglite LED 3-CELL AA is a lower mid-cost flashlight. The three watt LED light of this flashlight produces a brilliant beam, which can be focused simply by rotating the head. For when you do not need this light working at full power, the Intelligent Energy Source Management feature of this flashlight allows you to balance brightness with efficient power usage. When you unscrew the head of this flashlight, place the flashlight head down on a stable flat surface, and then set the flashlight barrel into the head, you put the Mini Maglite LED 3-CELL AA into Candle mode, which gives light in all directions.

  • 3 AA batteries included
  • Color: Black
  • MAG LED tech
  • 3 watt LED
  • Dimensions: 12.90" x 5" x 1.40"
  • Intelligent Energy Source Management
  • Candle mode
  • Rotating head focus
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