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You can create more kinds of models with the pentagon added.

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You’ll enjoy more colorful, magical, and powerful magnets in this larger version of the basic set. The 62 Piece Set contains 30 squares, 20 triangles, and adds building diversity with 12 pentagons. A wonderful set for the novice builder who’s ready to leap into creativity. This set is truly easy and simple to use right out of the box. Only the best materials are used, High Quality ABS Plastic and 1/3" rare-earth NEODYMIUM magnet on side of the shape.

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  • You can create more kinds of models with the pentagon added.
  • 62 pieces total: 20 triangles, 30 squares and 12 pentagons.
  • Instant connection! Instant fun!
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Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set For Brain Development

MAGFORMERS are easy to use and never frustrating. The patented intelligently designed MAGFORMERS magnets are housed in colorful, high quality ABS plastic. They always attract and never repel, so the moment any two pieces touch they connect. High quality magnets that instantly connect are sure to spark curiosity and play time is creative, stimulating, and constructive. Building with MAGFORMERS engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness. Manipulating the powerful, colorful MAGFORMERS magnets IS educational, but despite being an educational experience, play is magical and FUN!

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Ready To Build : 62 Shapes Sparking Imagination and Creativity

More Shapes, More Models, More Variety, and Definitely More Fun! The 62 piece set is perfect for everyone. A great choice if you're looking for a bigger challenge, and a novice builder will quickly and easily learn to manipulate the simple touch/connect magnets and start building like a pro. With so many colorful pieces you can "Build the ball", build a house, build a building, make a simple cube, a simple pyramid, a cute and colorful snail and our favorite the turtle! This is the basic set and MORE. The 62 Piece set 2x more pieces than the classic set, PLUS we've added an exciting new shape; the Pentagon! The Pentagon will take your building designs to the next level. Your only limit is your imagination.

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More pieces = More possibilities

More pieces and more possibilities. 62 muli-colored high power magnets to enhance your designs and upgrade your building capabilities. 62 building pieces means enough to share, because building with friends is even more FUN! 62 pieces lets you split up in teams and see who can build the fastest, the tallest, or the wackiest design. Great for those looking to take the next step in creativity. 62 multi-colored, high quality, ABS plastic magnets conform to CE, ASTM, and EN71

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What's In The Box?

  • ontains 62 Multi-Colored
  • High-Quality ABS Plastic
  • High-Power
  • Magnetic Building Shapes
  • Including 30 squares
  • 20 triangles
  • 12 pentagons
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Choking Hazard-- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do these Magformers connect with Magna tiles?

    Magformers and Magna tiles do not work together as the magnets are on different spots on the shapes.

  • They both have 62 pieces ,why is one 77. 00and the other59.99???

    It's because of the different shapes in each set. Look in the bottom left hand corner of the box to see what each contains. The more expensive set has a larger variety of shapes, which increases what you can make with them. Prices also fluctuate, so keep a lookout!

  • What is best for 8 and 6 year old boys?

    These are great bought them for my son at 3 and he still enjoys them today at almost 5! I have actually bought multiple sets because he likes them so much.

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