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The Magellan RoadMate 5045 is a middle-end GPS.

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offers alternate routes on the fly without telling you to make U-turns

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screen is large and easy to read, everything is very clear

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offers an approximate arrival time to your destination, lets you plan things even better

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maps stay updated for free, generally aren't ever out of date

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AAA tourbook included offers lots of fun and interesting destinations

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touch screen is responsive and easy to work with

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keeps up with you as you move very quickly, no lag

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The Magellan RoadMate 5045 is a middle-end GPS. It is designed to provide a user with their current location, as well as directions to locations they look up. It features free lifetime traffic, a free map update, and spoken street names and directions. The lifetime traffic feature keeps the GPS up to date with traffic in real-time. This lets the user know where things such as traffic jams are, so they can avoid them. The RoadMate 5045 includes a free map update, that lets the user download an updated version of their map, adding new geographical points. The GPS is also capable of speaking street names and directions. This allows a user to focus on the road, so they won't even have to turn their head to look at the screen. When compared to another GPS by Magellan, the RoadMate 2055, the RoadMate 5045 has several advantages, including a bigger screen and a free map update.

  • Free lifetime traffic
  • Free map update
  • Spoken street names/directions
  • Touch screen
  • 5" screen
  • Highway lane assist
  • OneTouch favorites menu
  • Built-in AAA tourbook
  • QuickSpell technology
  • Preloaded premium maps
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