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The RoadMate 2045 is a global positioning system receiver from Magellan that offers a step-down from the company's RoadMate 3045

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Instruction manual is clear and easy to follow - advanced version on the Magellan website is ideal for inexperienced users

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Display is highly-legible in both dark and bright scenarios - matte screen finish effectively reduces glare and sunlight reflection

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Turn-approach warnings are excellent - first warning usually comes at up to 2 miles from the location, with additional warning at a 1.2 mile and 100-200 feet

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Blatant advertising during navigation is extremely annoying - "coupon" offers are found by many users to be distracting and intrusive

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Unit seems to reject certain zip codes - often "rounds off" area codes eg. 90214 to 90210

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Power cable and stand join together very tightly - difficult to remove for theft prevention when leaving the vehicle, sure to cause frustration amongst users

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Attaching the unit to the car charger is surprisingly difficult - must slide into grooves in a very specific manner, likely requiring instruction manual consultation

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Firmware upgrades and additional content are only accessible on PC computers (Windows) - unit is not recommended to Mac users

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The RoadMate 2045 is a global positioning system receiver from Magellan that offers a step-down from the company's RoadMate 3045 models. Featuring a 4.3-inch color touchscreen display, this model includes lifetime traffic updates with automatic re-routing to avoid potential accidents, construction and other road-blocks. Route customization is also available for selection of multiple navigational paths based on time, distance, fuel consumption and freeway involvement for optimal user convenience. The "OneTouch" favorites menu provides further customization of a given user's most utilized functions, including the AAA-approved "TourBook" that is equipped with over 6-million Points Of Interest throughout North America. Highway lane assist takes the guesswork out of a street and freeway maneuvering, using arrowed illustrations to designate precisely which areas must be used. Voice-prompted street names and directions are included, alongside the "QuickSpell" predictive address entry function. The 2045 also features AAA's "Member Roadside Assistance" service, which can instantly transfer a given location with exact latitude and longitude co-ordinates for the fastest possible servicing. 

  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen 
  • One-Touch favorites menu
  • Free lifetime traffic alerts
  • Highway lane assist function
  • AAA TourBook function
  • Voice-prompted directions
  • Spoken street names
  • Point-Of-Interest search
  • Multi-destination routing
  • Automatic re-routing
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