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The RoadMate 2036 is a global positioning system receiver from Magellan.

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Excellent price point for the quality of the unit.

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Great Point of Interest performance--fast, comprehensive and well laid out for at-a-glance use.

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One Touch feature is extremely handy, makes choosing a destination very simple.

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Great user interface that makes everything feel intuitive.

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Excellent mount quality--feels sturdy, works well.

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Really fast performer--acquires a signal lock very quickly.

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Very bad battery life--about 2 hours at most on a full charge.

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Point of interest searches are static--other manufacturers update as you drive.

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The RoadMate 2036 is a global positioning system receiver from Magellan that offers a step-up from the company's RoadMate 2035 model. Available in two variations, users can opt for a model with free lifetime map updates (2036-MU) in addition to the standard unit (2036). Capable of voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions throughout North America, this model is equipped with AAA's "TourBook" software for rating and description information on localized businesses to ensure a maximum-quality experience. Purchasing this unit also automatically registers users with AAA's "Member Roadside Assistance" program, enabling the company to gather immediate locational data in case of emergency. A 4.3-inch color touchscreen display is included for vivid map interface viewing, with arrowed highway lane assist guidance to ensure the correct path is always taken. Home-screen customization is supported through the "OneTouch" function, allowing users to create waypoints that correlate to their favorite locations. Route customization provides multiple travel paths that are organized by time, distance, fuel consumption and freeway involvement, with automatic re-routing and multi-destination routing supported. 

  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen
  • One-Touch favorites menu
  • Free lifetime traffic updates
  • Highway lane assist
  • Built-in AAA TourBook
  • Spoken street names
  • Voice-prompted directions
  • Highway-exit Points Of Interest
  • QuickSpell predictive address entering
  • AAA roadside assistance
  • Pre-loaded North American maps
  • Automatic re-routing
Model Variations
  • 2036-MU: includes one free map update
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09/03/2012 10:35

Can someone tell me how to set uo voice in my roadmaster model 2036

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