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The RoadMate 1475T is a GPS receiver from Magellan's entry-level RoadMate series.

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affordable price

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multi-destination routing

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highway lane (exit) assist

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large 4.7" colour touchscreen display

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includes traffic receiver for free lifetime traffic updates

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speaker is loud and clear

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microSD slot for memory expansion

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POIs on map view

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Intuitive menu system

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poor placement of USB port - cannot be plugged in while mounted

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poor POI database, also very strict with search queries

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The RoadMate 1475T is a GPS receiver from Magellan's entry-level RoadMate series.  The receiver features a 4.7" anti-glare color touchscreen LCD display that automatically adjusts the color and contrast to suit day or night viewing.  It is an upgrade to the RoadMate 1470 since it includes an integrated traffic receiver for routing based on traffic delays.  The receiver also has a built-in speaker to provide spoken street names and voice-guided directions and offers route optimization and instant re-routing.  The RoadMate 1475T includes an address book and a OneTouch favourites menu for fast access to saved bookmarks.  It comes preloaded with maps of US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, 6 million points of interest, and has a micro SD memory card slot for loading additional maps.  The receiver also has a rechargeable battery for handheld navigation and comes with both windshield and dash mounts.  

  • 4.7" Color Touch Screen with Anti-Glare
  • Integrated Traffic Receiver
  • Spoken Street Names & Directions
  • Multi-Destination Routing & Route Optimization
  • Preloaded maps for Canada, US, Puerto Rico
  • 6 Million Points-of-Interest
  • Highway Lane Assist
  • Address Book
  • Auto Night View
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • Automatic Re-routing
  • Rechargeable Battery with 3 Hour Life
  • One-Touch Favourites Menu
  • AAA Tourbook & Roadside Assistance
  • Comes with Windshield and Dash Mounts
  • Dimensions: 3.3" H x 4.6" W x 7" D
  • 1 year limited warranty
Post Review
Brian Beix
02/08/2010 12:54

I have no problem plugging my Magellan 1475T in while mounted.

09/18/2009 08:20

Has anyone experienced "freezing" with the new Roadmate 1475? I had this problem with my last Magellan.

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