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The eXplorist 510 is a waterproof global positioning system receiver from the Magellan company.

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readable in daylight or shade no problem

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gets a fast, solid connection to the satellites

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integrated camera makes it easy to geotag points of interest for future travels

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topographic maps are detailed and give you a clear sense of where you are

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includes trail maps and other off-road features missing in most GPS units

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loading geocaches is very easy, just drag/drop in Windows

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electronic compass is accurate, rarely needs a quick re-calibration

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touch screen interface is slightly laggy, need to be a little patient with it

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The eXplorist 510 is a waterproof global positioning system receiver from the Magellan company that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Featuring a 3.2-megapixel digital camera for capturing and geo-tagging digital imagery, this model is also fitted with a small microphone and speaker for capturing and exporting content while hiking or camping. "World Edition" maps are included that cover Canada and the US as well as Australia and western Europe, with simulated 3D topographical data for added water and elevation level data. The 510 also supports paperless geocaching with one-button locational information exporting as well as GPX file downloading for on-the-go checkpoint searching. In addition to the 3-inch color touchscreen, two customizable hard buttons are included for easy shortcut access to a user's most frequently-visited services. The "OneTouch" favorites menu interface can be arranged to house hotlinks to a user's own waypoints and locations, with 12 icon spaces total. 15 hours of battery life are available on a single AA-battery charge, allowing users to rely on the 510 all day long without risk of malfunction. 

  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • 3-inch color touchscreen with added button controls
  • 3.2-megapixel with added microphone and speaker
  • Geotagging/Geocaching support
  • One-Touch favorites menu
  • Waypoint creation
  • Route recording
  • World Edition pre-loaded maps
  • 3D perspective map view
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